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TAT came to fruition due to my hunt for exciting pieces for my own home, I hugely admire places like Ikea and Habitat - but you do need those unique pieces that will help your home sing. Since setting up Tat and working at House & Garden, it has become my job to search out these places.

It is not just the Pimlico Road which is harbouring unusual antiques. There are many wondrous places on the internet. I have found a few that I think not only stock an excellent range of items but also cater to a price range which may not always be cheap but at least bearable.

I strongly suggest signing up to all of these newsletters, as even when I am not looking to buy I find them a very welcome distraction when they land in my inbox.


Ceraudo, name I am never sure if I am pronouncing correctly. Emily & Victoria who are sisters run it. Both clearly have beautiful taste. They have wonderfully quirky pieces, but not novelty - these pieces are in it for the long haul.

2) Punch the Clock , This is a nonsense sort of a setup, no time for Chintz here. I think the thought of it might make them weep. They have got some seriously good pieces. Their stock would be well placed in most homes. I am all for mixing a Georgian armchair with a Javier Marshal Bar Stool (it is currently waiting for someone to home it, I wish that someone was me). I always look at their site, its a good form of education apart from anything else.

3) Cart House, I do a by weekly run down on the House & Garden website on how to decorate certain rooms. Cart House I believe have been in every collection. I so enjoy their style. I first came across them on Ebay, and for a long time I kept their existence secret, but I realised that wasn't fair. So to atone for my possessive personality I now shout about them from the rooftops - enjoy!

4) The French House; like many things, French House was introduced to me by the ladies at House & Garden. Not only do they have a marvellous range of vintage products, but they also do an incredible bespoke range. I am extremely taken with their bespoke benches. They are pictured in blue and the other in orange, it's quite arresting.

5)Peanut Vendor is cool. There are no two ways about it. The pieces they buy are superb and could give the frumpiest of rooms a little edge. Their selection of chairs for me is quite something to behold, I have more recently become obsessed with the 'chair', its malleable shape lends itself to so many interesting interpretations. The Peanut Vendor is an excellent place to start your exploration. Recently they had two red faux marble plinths which stole my heart; sadly I believe someone luckier than I now houses them.

6) Retrouvius, I have been a huge admirer of this company for quite some time. At first, I only knew about their interior design (hubba hubba). Then through working at House & Garden I found out that they offer a delightful range of Furniture and Architectural Salvage (terminology lifted straight from their website) for one to buy. Currently quite besotted by a Deco Armchair they have for sale, its a sight for sore eyes.


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