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With a very important role to play in any room, and with a plethora of choices, today we're talking about fabric. I am soon to undertake a flat renovation and I'll admit, the decisions and choices are already overwhelming and I haven't even begun to think about fabrics. My thought is that advice and inspiration from the pros are a must!

You may have caught our article, Which White Works, where we asked Interior Designers their favourite white paint to use in their project. So we asked a number of brilliant Interior Designers their favourite fabric, whether patterned or plain, here they are... and they did not disappoint.


"The yellow is both sunny and strong, which I love"

Photograph courtesy of Jessica Summer


"This epingle weave from Schumacher has a wonderful tapestry-like quality that makes it a great fit for our Frederique cocktail sofa."

Photograph courtesy of Campbell Rey


Photograph courtesy of Stella Weatherall


"It has a great sense of humour but grounded by the warm, earthy colour palette."

Photograph courtesy of Pierre Frey


"I have a strong emotional attachment to this fabric."

Photograph of Remy's mother's study


"Even just the slightest touch of this burnt orange velvet feels beautiful in any interior"

Photograph courtesy of Indiana Petrucci


Photograph courtesy of Graham Atkins-Hughes


Upholstery Denim, The Cloth Shop, £32 per metre "It's versatile but incredibly hard wearing and has a delicate marl"

Photograph courtesy of The Cloth Shop


"Absolutely beautiful and subtle embroidered linen"

Photograph courtesy of Vaughan


"I love Rose Tarlow’s fabrics, they’re the epitome of chic."

Photograph courtesy of Rose Tarlow


A huge thank you to all the wonderful Interior Designers who took part in our Fantastic Favourite Fabrics article!


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