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In September, my husband and I moved into our new home in Shepherds Bush. He, like a few, thought that I would be some creative interiors genius. I, too, had an inkling that this genius just needed a canvas to express itself. I finally got my mitts on a canvas, and what I have done, what new ideas did I come up with? None. Well, that isn't wholly true. I have put a window seat in the sitting room. But my design talents have started and finished there. The rest of the rooms - they've all been painted white like a Victorian asylum. I am embarrassed by my lack of creativity, but one thing I can say is - that it doesn't look too bad. I enjoy the way my pictures and furniture have very little to fight against, making each room look fresh but interesting with a vast mix of colours, but just not on the walls. If you like me are starting a new decorating journey or perhaps in need of a refresh but find the mountains of paint to sift through overwhelming, well, I have bustled around and asked some top-notch interior designers to give me their 'go-to' white paint.


Hollie Bowden

'Milk White', Edward Bulmer, 2.5 Litre, £51.00

Milk White Edward Bulmer
Milk White Courtesy of Edward Bulmer


Adam Brays

‘Old Oyster’ and panelling in ‘Khotan’ paint, by Adam Bray for the Paper & Paints £48 for 2.5 litres.


Kay Westmaas, Founder of Studio Westmaas

'Milk' by Atelier Ellis, 2.5 Liters £51.00


Sophie Rowell, Founder of Cote De Folk

'Slaked Lime' from Little Greene, 2.5 Liters £75

'Always - Slaked Lime'
Slaked Lime by Little Greene
Slaked Lime by Little Greene


Caroline Holdaway

'Stone II' from Paint & Paper Library, 2.5 Liters £54.00


Angus Reid

'Pointing' from Farrow & Ball, 2.5 Liters £52

'Pointing by F+B is always a go-to as it is bright and crisp but with a warm undertone'
Pointing by Farrow & Ball
Pointing by Farrow & Ball


Tom Morris

Bone, Shell & Quill by Atelier Ellis, 2.5 Liters £51

'A bit grey, a bit warm and everything really sings against it'
Bone, Shell & Quill Paint
Bone, Shell & Quill by Atelier Ellis


Camilla Guinness

Wimborne White, Farrow & Ball, 2.5 Liters £52

Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball
Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball


Georgie Stogdon, Founder of Curious Shop

'Galao', Francesca's Paints, £5.50 Sample Pot


Benedict Foley

Wevet by Farrow & Ball, 2.5 Liters £52

'clean but not clinical, soft but not old, cool but warm, and not grey or pink or yellow or blue like some whites. What more can you ask for?'
Wevet by Farrow & Ball
Wevet by Farrow & Ball


Me, Tat Founder

Strong White, Farrow & Ball, 2.5 Liters £52

Strong White by Farrow & Ball
Strong White by Farrow & Ball

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