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The First Painting We Sold, 1960s Oil, Artist Unknown

Tat started by selling tat. The early days were filled with toleware, porcelain figurines and other slightly off-kilter pieces. It was a wonderful start, and I am still surprised that it got us anyway. The first painting we sold was a 1960s oil painting from the Glasgow School of Art. I loved it. It meant a lot to me that first picture, and although I wish I had kept it, that is not the nature of the game. It did set Tat on a path of hunting out pictures and being one of the main things we deal in. So instead of an integral pop-up shop, we thought we would dedicate an exhibition solely to art for the first time. We have collected pieces from all over Europe and beyond, from the 18th Century to the 1990s, and prices will start from £100, and there will be new pieces added daily. Most of which have never been seen on Tat. We hope for this to be a perfect place to start your collection or add to your already ladened walls.

26th April - 28th April 2023, 10 am - 6 pm

29th April 10 am - 2pm


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