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Stride & Co

Following on from our most recent article, The Art of Ceramics, we've found 10 carpenters and woodworkers who are creating beautiful and unique, handmade products.

Whether building practical furniture and bags, or creating incredible sculpture through steam-bending or digital design practices, there's no denying that woodworking is a labour of love where the outcome of perseverance is phenomenal pieces of art.

Wilkinson & Rivera was treated in East London by husband and wife duo Grant Wilkinson & Teresa Rivera, who make timeless wooden furniture that adds heaps of character to traditional designs. Each of their products is handmade and the cane is also woven by hand too, giving a nod to the tradition of the craft.


Traditional joinery techniques and Japanese influences are the fuels that fire Rob Prentice's woodworking practices. Having previously trained in Kyoto in Japan, Rob makes bespoke and hand-crafted wooden furniture at his studio in Peckham.


I just can't believe I'm looking at wood when admiring Ariele Alasko's work. Creating structural and fluid sculptures, many of which are suspended from the ceiling and move with the breeze. Every detail of Ariele's work is a wonder to behold.


Furniture maker and woodworker, Will Elworthy creates unique furniture, turned items and commissioned pieces that are timeless and made to last. Each piece of furniture showcases the unique character of the wood it was formed from. We absolutely love the Easy Chair!


Simplicity and playfulness are the two words that spring to mind when looking at Katie Gong's sculptures. Her innovative steam-bent sculptures and wood work are truly beautiful and every one has a character of its own.


Having grown up surrounded by antiques, woodworker Rory Stride's work is inspired by successful pieces of furniture from generations past.

Rory's studio, Stride & Co strikes a design balance between the old and new through observing past designs and then reinventing pieces.


Brendan Bernhardt of Burn Heart is a furniture maker and designer from Otego, NY. Brendan's interesting and novel designs feature the Five-Legged Staked Chair and the Undaunted Writing Chair. His basketmaking is wonderful, where he uses green materials, which include root, bark and brands, to create his baskets.


Working with wood from recently felled trees, Alex deVol creates incredible spherical sculptures that showcase the details and imperfections in the wood in an amazing way, where each tree growth-ring is on display and a part of the artistic sculpture of the piece. Alex also works with ceramics and metals, which symphonise with his wood work.


Wiltshire-based Temper Studio creates unique pieces of work that are full of character. Founded by George Winks in 2013, their aim is to design without boundaries and to learn from the materials through continued experimentation.


With an ethos that can be defined by people, process and place, the East London design and craft studio, Gareth Neal uses traditional and digital techniques to create stunning pieces of furniture and art. Both art and craft elements of the Gareth Neal design studio are completely different, but both are stunning in their own right.


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