8 Holland Street

When 8 Holland Street first opened in London, it was a big hit. Filled to the brim with sleek Italian furniture, exquisite pieces of art and exceptionally sourced 'finishing touches'. It was a great addition to the interiors world. So I, for one, could not be happier that there are now two. I sought out their new gallery on the corner of Brock Street on my recent trip to Bath. A street that not so long ago was 80% unoccupied now is it's a hub of activity, bookended by Berdoulat & 8 Holland Street. It shows there is so much power in these small high streets; they become a source of pride, making these towns more colourful and exciting places to visit. I, of course, think 8 Holland in London is a Top Shop, so I had high hopes for their newest venture in Bath. I was not disappointed. Tobias and his team are experts in creating irresistible interiors, and I am very excited for all that is in the pipeline over the coming year.


When did 8 Holland Street Open Up In Bath?

We quietly opened just before Christmas but planning a party and louder launch in Spring. It’s an amazing position central between the Circus and Royal Crescent - just around the corner from our original shop in the city. As well as the gallery we are working on the restoration of the adjacent townhouse, launching in spring. It will be a place for friends, clients and guests to stay, filled with furniture and artworks… the best of our collection and a place to live the 8HS aesthetic.

One of your favourite pieces in the shop at the moment?

I love over-scaled and impractical large pieces. A recent favourite acquisition is a towering collage by Sandra Blow, one of my favourite British artists of the twentieth century. We are also excited to show a series of Nicola Tassie’s slip pillows: small earthenware tableaus, in fantastic glazes which hang on the wall - they strike a wonderful chord between our vintage aesthetic and Nicola’s signature Contemporary style.

(Nicola Tassi's Slip Pillows)

What makes it so important for 8 Holland Street to have a Bricks & Mortar shop?

Our approach is all about the immersive environment - playing with display and setting-off our pieces against each other. It’s more spontaneous than online. Websites homogenise things and isolate individual products. From the very beginning we’ve mixed together pieces from different categories, periods and styles - together with collectable pieces, found objects and contemporary design. The galleries act as stage-sets on which our team explores this interplay.

Best & worst thing about running a shop?

The Best: Picking up new influences and reference points from the various pieces that endlessly come in and out. It’s so easy to see the world on a screen and nothing else. There’s nothing quite like lifting a Mangiarotti table up 7 flights of stairs to really get to know it.

The Worst: Street parking, parking tickets, customs charges and UPS.

Your favourite thing in the area (cafe/shop/ pieces of architecture... anything)?

Architecture: All of Bath

Shop: Bath Old Books or Francis Gallery

Cafe: Green Bird or Landrace

Lunch: Castle Farm (a quick drive out of town)

Wine / Dinner: Beckford Bottle Shop


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8 Holland Street

23 Brock St,



Gallery opening hours

Mon to Sat 10am-6pm