One Thursday afternoon, I made the journey to East London. We know East London has always been a creative hub, but it feels like it continually pushes up something new for the interiors industry. This seems to be happening more and more. Whether a maker, designer, or antique dealer, they all seem to be migrating or homegrown to East London. Fuddy Duddy West doesn't cut it anymore. Although I am a massive advocate for Shepherds Bush, that's neither here nor there. Back to the matter in hand, a thrilling new stop on the interiors tour of East- Spazio Leone. The founder Gennaro Leone has a keen eye for the avant-garde.

Having worked in the music industry for ten years, he has set his sights on antiques. I went on the afternoon of his opening, he was setting up for the hordes to arrive. On entering, there were three chic ladies in there, looking so beautiful on the eighties furniture, it felt like two worlds had collided, the ladies had been picked from the Sicilian Scenes of the Godfather, and the interiors felt close to that of Danny Diveto' Ruthless People', all in all, I was instantly enraptured. Then I met Gennaro, wearing a double-breasted pinstriped suit with immaculate sideburns. It all came together, and the look was complete. Huge thank you to Gennaro for showing me around; Spazio Leone is obviously a Top Shop!


What made you start Spazio Leone?

After working 10+ yrs in the music industry, I felt the necessity of doing something more visual-lead and tangible. Something that would last longer rather than one night only / short term.

How would you describe the Spazio Leone style?

Hard to say; It's just a big minestrone of styles. I like to play and fit the collection with different periods and shapes. No rules are applied.

What do you love about the area?

At first, I was sceptical about the area (don't ask me why). But now, I feel very lucky to have amazing neighbours and there is a great flourishing community – Hackney Downs Studios has become a great destination, you can do so many things in one place:

Eat deliciously at Tom's Pasta with a great glass from All Good Beers while leafing through an art book from Guest Editions – to finish up with a massage at Well Garden– and if you wondered where we got those natural beautiful flowers for the opening event, pls don't forget to visit Love Blossom


Thank you so much to Gennaro for showing us around! To follow him click here and to see his website click here.