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I feel a strange attachment to this week's Tête-à-Tat, Wayne Pate. This could be because that, since I first saw his paintings I was utterly hooked, and perhaps also because he was the subject matter for the first piece I ever wrote for House & Garden. At the time I was an unsteady-on-her-feet 26-year-old with a generous helping of dyslexia, who had taken on the task of writing about someone she'd never me but hugely admired. After a considerable amount of work, on a tiny piece, it got there and was published on the H&G website. So with that, not only do I love his work, but his name also brings me back to a very nervous younger self. Now a confident and strapping lady of 31, nothing phases me. So I was like:

'Hey Wayne - do you want to do my Tête-à-Tat?' & he obviously came back in the affirmative (well maybe not quite like that).   Wayne's career has gone from strength to strength; he has partnered with Saved NY, Studio Four & Atelier Vime, each time producing wish-list pieces. So I was a little anxious that Wayne may have outgrown my feeble attempts at writing. Like my two other victims of previous Tête-à-Tat, I imagine that I may have the dreaded C to thank for the fact that everyone is tied to their houses and perhaps feeling a little more generous with their time. Anyway, thank you to Wayne, I loved his answers and I especially would like to be at the Pate's house on a Saturday morning!


What is your favourite day of the week?

Saturday, we either saw good friends the night before or we are seeing them that evening, the footy is on, Arsenal Supporter I am! And all the family is home together for morning breakfast and perhaps a cheeky little tipple.

Do you believe in ghosts?

As I live in an imaginary state at all times it only seems logical to do so.

Favourite piece of furniture?

That I own would be my Provence outdoor chairs woven and constructed of natural fibres and Grapevine stalks.

Girl Crush?

Oh, I do love the ladies! For the moment it’s Nancy Pelosi. As we are all effected by what’s happening at the moment with Covid 19 and the political incorrectness that has plagued America since the poorly judged voted Trump in, the Speaker has been a rock and a pillar of hope that Washington has not lost all dignity.

Boy Crush?

I will keep this one work-related, it is french artist Claude Viallat. His work to me at least, embodies all the elements of a modern painter. His use of unorthodox materials for his compositions and those compositions rattle to the surface and its execution.

His work ticks all the boxes for me.

Favourite Restaurant?

I would have to say would be Chez Janou in the Marais, Paris. It possesses a genuine friendly and vibrant Parisian atmosphere and you always leave a bit lighter in your step than you intended!

Someone who has helped you? 

It would be my wife Rebecca. She has been my biggest fan and supporter of my work. Without her never-ending patience in the early years and even now, things would have been much harder to achieve. To be married to an artist is not for the faint of heart!

Best Moment in your career so far?

It would certainly be my year in Paris from August 2018-August 2019 with my family. Working with and spending time with my dear friends Anthony, Benoit and Raphaelle of Atelier Vime.

Memorable art exhibition:

Of mine, my collaboration with Atelier Vime for Deco Off Paris in 2019. 

The best gift you've given/received?

I’m going to be corny here. Received, my three healthy children. Given, nothing but love and a bit of annoyance to friends and family.

A song that will always make you tap your feet?

Any good pieces of advice?  

Once again a little corniness here, with all we do and as much as we can, passion and conviction. Without them, one’s actions are just consolations for lack of trying. I believe everyone has an obligation to leave a mark on humanity in their own way. Humanity and civility are privileges that has been built on the backs of some many great selfless people. A life of materialism is not enough I’m afraid.

Dream Car? MB 1955 190SL Convertible

What would your autobiography be called?

The Accidental Artist



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