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Georgia Spray is the founder of Partnership Editions, an online gallery which has taken the art-world by storm. With previous stints at a number of influential institutions such as The White Cube, Christie's & The Auction Room, there was no doubt that this lady was going to make her mark. She started Partnership Editions as a side hustle, something which I remember clearly as it gave us the common ground to intensely discuss the pitfalls and complications that arise when starting one's own company. With Georgia's guidance though, PE quickly made itself known, appearing in Vogue, House & Garden and the FT. She has introduced so many incredible artists to me, and I am sure to the rest of the UK and beyond as well. They each have their own glorious and individual style, ensuring that the PE website is just bursting with paintings, drawings, and editions that you would want to coat your house in. 

Using our friendship as leverage, I asked Georgia tentatively if she would like to appear in this edition, knowing that if she refused...well then friendship finito. Just kidding - sort of. Georgia has the task of tackling some different questions this week as I asked my father, writer Henry Porter, for his input. He is a weird and wonderful man, and I think you'll be able to see which questions he provided. 


Can you Recall the first joke you told? I don't know about the first joke, but I definitely went through a limerick phase. I wrote my own and recited them with great pride to my poor family. 

How recently did you climb a tree? I've never been much of a thrill seeker and I'm also not great with heights (or at all flexible), so my tree climbing career has been a bit stunted. When I was growing up in America, my neighbours had an incredible old pine tree which felt a few hundred feet tall at the time (it's probably the size of a Christmas tree), but it was a great one to climb as it was essentially just a ladder of branches so no technical swinging or pull-ups were required and made you feel pretty great that you could get all the way to the top. I guess that was the last time, around 8 years old...

What do you consider to be the most disagreeable human habit?

Oh this is so hard to pinpoint just one. I find men who sit with their legs unnecessarily far apart when next to you on the tube, in a car or bus is pretty enraging. A badly made bed pretty intolerable too - something that my husband and I butt heads over quite a bit...don't forget to plump the pillows.

Girl Crush?  I'm seriously crushing on Laura Marling's voice at the moment. I've been listening to her new album religiously through lockdown.

Boy Crush?  My parents' Bedlington Terrier Ralph. He's got the best approach to life, he never has a bad day. He blissfully stretches out in all his glory in the most amazing positions that defy the existence of bone or muscle.

Favourite Piece of Clothing? I don't think I have a favourite piece of clothing, but I do have a bad habit of subconsciously buying the same thing over and over again. To my husband's dismay, this is usually a pair of wide-legged trousers and a utility jacket.

Best Moment in your career so far?  Seeing four female artists from Partnership Editions on stage at The Royal Academy discussing how they are challenging a traditionally male sector with their work to a packed room of over 120 guests. (image attached)

Do you believe in Star Signs?

I'm extremely un-spiritual and not at all in touch with my astrological self. I'm afraid crystals and star signs are not really 'my vibe'.

What flower do you associate with your childhood?

Holding buttercups under your chin to see if you like butter

Happy Place?  This summer whilst we haven't been able to travel, I've found my mind wondering a lot back to the island of Salina in Sicily where I have been lucky enough to go sailing with my family for many years. The water is such a deep volcanic blue and the light is second to none. The island has such wonderful authenticity to it and is so unspoilt and simple.

A song that can always make your foot tap?  Anything by Al Green or Womak and Womak 


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