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Instagram has got a bad wrap, but as I am not sure Tat would have ever got off the ground without it, I can't say too much. What I will say is that it's been a gateway to many of the new and beautiful things I have come across. I grant you, many of below are well-known names, but for the ones who aren't (YET!) I indeed found them through the rabbit hole that is Instagram.

1) Number one, we will start with Ceramics by George - mostly does commissions but will sell 'off the peg'. This blue leafed beauty is £110. I would suggest you DM (Direct Message Via Instagram) for enquires.

2) Another goodie. This time it comes in the form of wood - the WoodEdit to

be precise. Through a simple click on their website I have reimagined my dream kitchen, it centres around the below Island.

Kitchen Island, Medium, from £320, from WoodEdit

3) Another Instagram find is Anemone. They are bringing a little bit of glamour to the list. They have Mid Century pieces, Hollywood Regency and a boatload of velvet. What got me was this Italian Mid Century Lamp. If I hadn't recently rendered my income as useless as a chocolate teapot, I would be popping my hand straight into my pocket for this piece. Mid century Italian lamp base C.1970, £165, from Anemone.

4) I can't keep saying 'I found this through Instagram', but I did. So there. I liked their photos, so I poked around and found out that they were selling excellent pieces of ceramics & Studio pottery. I mainly fell for these: French Candlestick set, £35, from Molde Shop.

5) Cart House, found ages ago (through Instagram). I think they may at some point take a restraining order out on me. I talk about them far too much. I suppose it could be flattering. I hope not creepy. But, either way they are ace. Their range of furniture is beautiful and sedate as is their styling.

Olive Green Glazed Cabinet, £750, from Cart House.

6) Huzzah, not from Instagram. Choosing Keeping was introduced to me by House & Garden. It is now nestled in my heart and somewhere visit regularly. Perfect for gifts for others and when treating oneself is necessary. These pen pots are responsible for igniting my love for Mochaware.

Blue Mochaware Ceramic Pen Pot, 'Earth Worm', £65, from Choosing Keeping.

7) Straw London is just the most beautiful shop. They seem to sprinkle charm on everything they do, and there is nothing more charming than these Straw Slippers. I honestly believe you could eat a Big Mac while chugging a highly sugary drink through ten plastic straws and you would still look like the worthiest person in the room.

Straw Slippers, £32, from Straw London.

8) I met Sophie Warburton a year ago, what a delight. She created Host.Home as a side hustle to her pretty major job as Style Director at the The Telegraph. While she can tell you what you need to wear to Ascot, she also can find you nice-looking pieces for your home. One piece that really tickled my fancy is this Duck Egg Pitcher, £30, from Host.Home.

9) I am one huge fan of Ikea. I don't like going there. Well not with anyone else. By oneself, it's doable. Either way, with this whizz-bang thing, called the internet, you can check out all their goods at your leisure. The BODBYN piqued my interest, the green glass doors look super jazzy and won't take you to the cleaners.

Bodbyn Green Glass Door, £40, from Ikea.

10) Last but by no means least, lets pop in a bit of Tat for good measure.

Charming Lemonade Set, £74, from Tat London.

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Membre inconnu
21 août 2019

A very generous post thank you . Good luck with it This & Tat! X

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