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In January 2022, Studio Westmaas, run by Kay Westmaas, was named one of the '30 up-and-coming interior designers you need to know about' by House & Garden. So I thought it was only good and proper to see what inspires and delights Kay. As ever I am impressed by my own idea as she brought a lot to the table. I think we could all do with a listen to the last tip!


Lisa's Doubles & Roti

Lisa's doubles in Barbados are incredible! She sells doubles (and roti's) from the roadside in Worthing. There's always a queue, but it's worth it! I usually go for channa, mango chutney and cucumber when I'm there.


Kew Gardens

I have a 3-year-old daughter, and I discovered the Kew Gardens children's playground during the pandemic when most things were closed - I went there nearly every day! They have all the elements (air, earth, water and sun) for nature to grow in various parts of the garden. It's very much a sensory garden which is great for little ones. However, you can easily enjoy yourself as an adult there, too - the slides are pretty big, and the trampolines are great fun!


Rebecca Harper's Art
Courtesy of Anima Mundi

Rebecca Harper

I've been collecting art over the years, and my friend, Rebecca Harper's art, is dotted throughout my house. She's a figurative painter working between narrative and autobiographical. She works on unprimed canvas, and the paint is layered thinly and absorbingly, which creates a luminosity to her work.


Hunte's Garden, Barbados

Another place in Barbados I love to go to when I'm back is Hunte's Gardens. The garden is run by an eccentric guy called Anthony Hunte. It's set within a gully, and when you walk in, it's like you're in an enchanted place - everywhere you look, there are tropical plants and palm trees over 100 ft.



I first heard about Paynter on my old work colleague's podcast (Up With The Lark). They sell limited edition jackets four times a year. Huw and Becky have nailed interaction with the buyer - once you buy a jacket, they email you weekly updates on how your jacket is being made, such as the cutting and dying process, down to what the buttons are made of (Corozo nut).


Never Too Small

I was first introduced to the YouTube channel Never Too Small in 2019, and I've been hooked to their videos ever since. They cover a small footprint living in various cities around the world but mainly in Australia. They are advocating less impact on the planet by living in well designed small dwellings in the city as they are close to amenities (less use of vehicles), create communities and use less energy.


Clam Lab

I've followed Clamlab on Instagram for years. Her ceramics are chunky, interesting shapes with beautiful glazes which have various tones to them. Her work looks simple, but the shapes are quite complex to achieve.


Presepolis, Peckham

Persepolis is a Persian cafe/restaurant in Peckham set within a grocery store. They do amazing food and have all sorts of quirky items/books in there. Well worth a visit.



This Is another random eatery I've come across! I was visiting my friends Kathryn Maple's and Alison Boult's art studio in Deptford, and a bunch of us went downstairs to this Indian bar/restaurant. The food is simple but so delicious. However, it's not just your average Indian restaurant....they have a microgreen farm in the back which you can see when you're eating and drinking, something you would not expect!


Off Menu Podcast With Ainsley Harriott

Off Menu podcast with Ainsley Harriott, if you are after an hour of laughter, this episode is worth a listen to! Ainsley Harriott's laugh is infectious.

Another Sublime This & Tat! A Huge Thank You To Kay For Doing This. To Follow Studio Westmaas Click Here & To See Their Website Click Here
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