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This week Verity Pemberton has taken on the This & Tat torch. She managed to crowbar it into her schedule, which is no mean feat when looking at what is on her plate. Verity is the Creative Director of Rose Inc, an ethical makeup line. She also has founded the terrific Moon Magazine. I am not sure how she manages to do it all, but I, for one, am pleased she did. I will let her tell you a little more about the Marvellous Moon - enjoy!


A bunch of flowers that last forever, yes please.

I am biased but I love my sister, Jessica Pemberton's collaged flowers.

Each flower is hand-cut and arranged in a hand-painted vase, she does bespoke requests too so you can have something to perfectly match your interior.


I started Moon Magazine, many years ago when I was in a job that wasn't creatively fulfilling me.

Now in its 9th issue, I have met so many incredible people during it's making and had a lot of fun nosing around people's spaces - it's fully independent, no adverts, no hidden agenda - I just want to share my current inspirations in the design and fashion world.

Issue 9 features the likes of Bridie Hall, Floral growers Jrasic, carpenter Poppy Booth, EJR Barnes, previous issues including the likes of Lola Kirke, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and Lucinda Chambers, Charlie McCormick and Celeste alongside editorial spreads want to know more - go check it out for yourself and keep print alive. Trust me a copy of Moon, a chocolate biscuit and a cup of tea is way more fun than scrolling through Instagram.


Jess and Connie Booth are the Dorset/London based duo behind Jrasic flowers who create incredible original floral displays and have recently started their own growing patch. Never ones to shy away from doing something different a recent dinner involved Jenga towers of butter, a bucket full of Guiness and a table decorated in a firework display of flowers. If you are looking for flowers for an event/wedding/dinner then I couldn't recommend them more for flowers that really pack a punch.


One of my favourite pit stops in East London, I love it for owner Ella Jones' amazing eye and curation. From vintage Moroccan rugs, to beautiful pottery from local makers, it's rare that I leave the shop without something.


Watching my friends Carmen and Joris breathe life back into their Amsterdam townhouse has been a joy, I am so in awe of what they have managed to create. Anyone heading to Amsterdam should check into their guest house which is opening soon, you may be lucky and get treated to some of Joris' amazing chef skills, or just pop buy and check out their store with incredible up and coming and established brands all picked out by the ever-stylish Carmen, who is always on hand for styling advice and is generally one of the loveliest humans I know.


Another sister plug but if you're on the hunt for a silk scarf then hunt no more, my Cornish based sister has so many beautiful options all hand drawn by her and printed onto silk, they make the best headscarf's, tops, neckerchiefs, she does the occasional clothing drop too. Also keep your eyes peeled as she's started doing supper clubs and I believe the 4th one will happen before Christmas for anyone lucky enough to live in the beautiful South West.


I seem to fall in love with anything this Danish design studio seem to create, maybe it's because a lot of their pieces have faces on them, or that everything comes in all different colours, I own their ghost tea light holder whose eyes light up when a tea light is placed in side. Next on my wish list is one of their glow in the dark crystal blobs...intrigued? Go check them out.


I am the proud owner of a Submit to Love painting and we recently collaborated with them on a project for Moon.

Submit to love supports artists with brain injuries and you can buy their one-off pieces online and wow they are good, every time I walk past my bird painting by Cecil Waldron I can't help but smile.


I first discovered these when I popped into Atelier_lk's exhibition, aside from the heavenly scent - Eros is my favourite, the glass holders look melted and warped and make perfect containers for when your candle is no more.


This is a total hidden gem in Holborn which describes itself as, 'a leisure facility of satirical home-made machines.'

To sum it up it's basically an arcade store but if all the arcade games were home-made by enthusiasts and I never fail to leave without a smile on my face.

I couldn't recommend a visit more.


I am a big fan of a lazy outfit addition and Good Squish make the best scrunchies - they are massive, like a hat for your hair and come in all sorts of patterns and styles, but be fast they sell out quick, i've got my eyes on a gingham one.


Another favourite, this place has been going for years housed in a building from the 1700s - tucked 5 mins away from Goodge Street station, with its jester painted facade. I remember going with my dad when I was little, I mean a museum all about toys, could there be anything more perfect!

It's got a real charm and features a tonne of toys through the ages, all displayed in a higgldy piggldy manner. I actually interviewed Jack Fawdry Tatham for an issue of Moon and managed to get the grand tour. If you want to be a hero for a little person, take them here, or just take yourself, its total magic.


Can I put beer on here? I am not sure but here we go. I don't like beer that much. But I do have a sweet tooth, a penchant for O.T.T packaging and weird flavours like Calamansi lime and tangerine crème brûlée. My brother first introduced me to Danish beer company Omnipollo on a walk where we shared a pint of a Mango Lassi flavoured beer - sounds gross but wasn't and since then I have enjoyed searching out pubs that stock them so I can try all the new weird flavours.


Ffern is a small batch organic perfume maker based in Somerset who make their fragrance to order for each season, in beautifully wrapped plastic-free packaging. I recently got their Spring and Summer versions and have been wearing them non-stop since. You get a small tester so you can test the fragrance on yourself to see if you like the scent, except my boyfriend stole it straight away so I stuck with my big bottle which is also the perfect size to just throw in your bag for trips away//the day if you need to.


A Huge Thank You To Verity, To Follow Moon Magazine Click Here & To Buy Your Copy Click Here!


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