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Wondering People
Wondering People
In this weeks This & Tat round, we are lucky enough to have the brainpower of two, Sophie Merrell & Isabella Rothman, the founders of Wondering People. Wondering People is an art collective that sources original and editioned works by artists, makers and photographers. So who better to tap up for tips and ideas on what inspires and delights them at the minute.


Espacio Micus gallery - In 1972, the German abstract artist Eduard Micus built the most amazing space in Jesus, Ibiza that was his home, studio and showroom for many years. After his death, his daughter, Katya, turned the building into a gallery to display her father's artworks, as well as to introduce exhibitions throughout the season by internationally recognised contemporary artists. It's our favourite place on the island, a bit of a secret really. (Photos taken by Sophie).


Donlon Books - on Broadway Market by London Fields. Despite being quite tiny, it's one of those bookshops you can't help but spend an hour in there flicking through an eclectic mix of photography and art books, quirky books on subcultures and mythical creatures, as well as some of the top literature of the moment. Recent finds have been 'Things I don't want to know' by Deborah Levy, the first part of a beautifully written autobiography set during the Apartheid, and Åke Fant's book on Hilma Af Klint.


Noguchi at the Barbican - On until January next year, we highly recommend going to this memorable exhibition on the Japanese American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Noguchi's work was very pioneering for the 20th century and much of it you can see how he has inspired artists and designers today. His paper 'Akari' light sculptures are made with traditional Japanese materials but with the purpose of bringing modern design to the home, describing them as 'poetic, ephemeral and tentative'.


EJR Barnes At The Atelier LK Exhibition
EJR Barnes Work At The Atelier LK Exhibition, Shot by Richard Round Turner

EJR Barnes - Elliot Barnes is a self-taught London-based artist and designer. We have been following EJR Barnes on Instagram for a while now but first saw his work in the flesh at The Radford Gallery's first exhibition in Hackney and at Atelier LK's exhibition at the artist Ron Hitchins's old home. He uses unexpected materials and forms that are not just enchanting to look at but are always functional.


The Potter's House, Mallorca
The Potter's House, Mallorca

The Potter's House, Mallorca - The former home and studio of ceramicist Maria Antonia Carrio, The Potter's House is at the top of our list of places to visit once it opens its doors as an artist residency. It's going to be bringing makers together to explore their practice in an alternative environment. We are obsessed with the work by Maria Antonia Carro as well as the interior and the gardens of the house.


Jolene Bakery - Not only a bakery serving delicious pastries, but they also do tea, lunch and dinner with natural wine too. Jolene supports ‘regenerative farming, sustainability, grain economy, healthy growing food systems [and] community.' These bakeries are dotted across North London and you can easily spot them with the brilliant childlike written 'Jolene' sign and washed out orange paint. We dream about their croissants.


Jrasic Flowers
JRASIC Flowers

JRASIC Flowers - Floral decorators, sisters and growers from Dorset. Would love to collaborate with them one day - we're imagining an incredible flower installation at one of our exhibitions or perhaps our next supper club. Their aesthetic is effortlessly cool and calming.


Megumi Aria's Work
Megumi Aria's Work

We first came across the striking Japanese-American textile maker Megumi Arai through TIWA Selects. Arai's imperfect patchwork textiles are made from found fabrics, collected over time. Each wall hanging, bedspread or table runner Megumi makes has a unique personality with an explosion of colour. We can't get enough.


Two Poems - There is something about these found objects that have a warmth and charm about them. Each one inspires us to delve into the world of antiques and to hunt for gems in all the nooks and crannies around London. This also reminds us to go back to our favourite flea markets in Amsterdam where we both used to live, Noordermarkt and IJ-Hallen. Two Poems has a talent for discovering the best oddities.


Oscar Piccolo makes elegant Campelli lamps, a pleated lampshade that comes in a variety of colours with a squiggly base. We are lucky enough to have him as one of our 'Twelve Makers for Christmas', an upcoming project we are working on for Wondering People. Not only are Oscar's lamps very chic but his website is one of our favourites out there - playful and smart at the same time.


Huge Thank You To Sophie & Isabella To Follow Wondering People Click Here & To See Their Website Click Here.


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