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I haven't done a round-up for a while. Reason being I find them quite tricky, it's also satisfying to read the words of another, not so many 'terrific's, superb & wonderful'. Anyway, I feel having had a break I have been able to conjure up a round-up that I feel very excited about. Here goes nothing.


Alma Berrow, this lady was introduced to me by a mutual friend. I respected his confidence sending it over to me, more often than not 'I think this is right up your street', is followed up by something that usually resembles a wedding cake (chintz, bows & most often pink). But having known me all my life, he nailed it. Alma's work is funny and beautiful, the plates with oysters and cigarette butts fondly remind me of stories my father tells about the 80s on Fleet Street. I can't wait to get myself a piece, in the meantime, I will continue to gawp at her Instagram, which as it happens is the best medium to buy. They range from £80 - £200.


The architecture and design firm, Charlap Hyman & Herrero, are some of my favourite people to follow. I find their taste intriguing - pulling combinations together that resemble a Dali rather than interior space. So I was particularly interested to see their collection with the American rug company Patterson Flynn Martin. This piece is called 'Flechas', I find the edging and the texture incredibly charming - but to be honest, I would be happy with any one of the seven designs in the collection.


I was browsing Instagram a few weeks ago, and I fell upon East London Cloth. I got excited. Firstly I liked the styling and secondly loved the product 'traditionally made, unpretentious and authentic linens that would withstand the test of time and could be passed down to future generations'. If that doesn't recommend it, I am not sure what else will— tablecloth with pleated edging, from £89.


I am sorry to mention it again; the necessary evil that is Instagram has thrown another diamond my way. This time in the form of In Casa By Paboy. Paboy is an asylum seeker from the Gambia he has made his way to Europe & currently resides in Naples. Having been a tailor in the Gambia has been able to use those skills to start making cushions. The cushions are a complete delight, fringed, colourful & handmade - dream team. From what I can see they start at 50 euros, form an orderly queue!


Paul Bommer makes 'unique handpainted, handmade ceramic delft tile artworks'. They are excellent, and through these months of worry & upset, he has managed to capture many of my musings and made them into tiles. You have to see his Instagram appreciate the humour, wit & craftsmanship of his work. He released his tiles onto his Etsy Account; the next 'drop' is on the 1st October, I will honestly be desolate if you get one before me.


I think I have made my feelings about stripes clear. I love them. So no wonder Tessa Layzelle's striped collection caught my eye (another thing to thank the Stripe for). Tessa's works are extraordinarily beautiful; whether it is her experimenting with silks or her 'Night & Day' quilts, each piece makes my heart beat a little quicker. 'Night & Day', £150.


I was having a 'treat yourself' kind of day and found my way onto the Toast website. I always like to see whats going on over there - have a nosy around. As usual, I was thanked for my curiosity by coming across the work of Polly Yates. Polly is a Chicago born ceramicist who has created an exquisite collection of two vases & a candlestick for Toast. They start from £195 per piece and you can buy them through the Toast website.


Tre Sekel is a furniture workshop concentrating on three Swedish furniture epochs — Gustavian classics, Carl Malmsten's archives, as well as new products in design by leading contemporary designers. Common to all products from Tre Sekel is that they are manufactured in the highest artisanal quality in City Möbler's historic factory in Tibro, founded in 1944. That is mostly lifted from their website. All I would add is that the pieces are just knockout.


Pentreath & Hall what a place! They've gone and brought out this sublime 'Wicker Trundling Trolley'. Could anything make going to the shops more fun? I don't think so. Also, a great way to carry all that stockpiled loo paper without getting stink-eye from your neighbours. Wicker Trundling Trolley, £95.


Let's end on a high! Foster & Gane have launched the 'Theda'; bench designed by Antony Hall. It honestly blows my tiny little mind how much I want for this bench. I had initially said no Wedding presents, but I think I'm going to have to change that and direct all funds to Foster & Gane. The lead time is 4-8 weeks and costs £2,500 plus VAT.



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