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Pandora Taylor
Pandora Taylor

I was instantly drawn to Pandora Taylor's interior design. The first project I saw was a conversion of a 19th-century college building; she used sophisticated furniture, well-thought-out fabric choices, and a few offbeat touches that tied the project together beautifully. She now has a growing number of such projects under her belt and a winning furniture line, of which my particular favourite piece has to be the Puddle Table. Not hard to see why I was thrilled for her to take up the Round-Up batten.


One of my favourite Instagram discoveries over the past year has been HUM London. Their handpainted lampshades are so much fun. I love anything that feeds my colour addiction and have just ordered 5 for a green vintage toile chandelier.


I see a lot of interior details inspired by the Bloomsbury Group these days but none so perfect as these Bloomsbury Lamps by Max Rollitt. Of course, they have the obligatory colour factor, but they are such an elegant shape and so unlike any lamps I have seen before.


It looks like we will all be summering in the garden again this year, and I want to fill mine to the brim with Bridie Fortescues Havada Collection. Colour...tick, rattan...tick, cushions on cushions on cushions. Heaven.


Following the outdoor theme, I have had my eye on one of these parasols for a while now, and finally, I have a garden to put it in. Now my biggest problem is which one to choose!?


I recently came across East London Cloths, and I am obsessed with their Gingham Table Skirt. It is so unashamedly 80s, and I need one.


I am a sucker for anything with a nod to the Classics, so I fell in love when I saw this fluted cabinet by the Galvin Brothers. It is so clean and simple, and I find myself really drawn by the boldness of the ebonised timber.


If you are looking for a wow factor for any room, look no further than French handle makers Bonnemazou Cambus. I have used their Circe Long backplates in 3 projects now, and that is not because I am too lazy to find something better...they just make me smile.


Another french export I am currently obsessing over is Celeste Mogador, maker of fine embroidered earrings made to look like the most incredibly colourful jewels. The trompe l'oeil effect is so clever. Elizabethan style has never been so chic.


Edit 58 have got the world of Instagram in all of a tizzy over their new Ripple Rattan Trays, and luckily my birthday is coming up. So let's see if I can drop enough hints, this being a pretty big one!


On the topic of gifts, being incredibly organised I recently purchased a cache from Straw London for various friends, I highly recommend. I hadn't before realised that painted beeswax candles were something I was missing from my life, but discovering they were out of stock, I was surprisingly devastated.


Huge Thank You To Pandora For That Wonderful Round-Up, To See Her Excellent Projects Click Here & Products Click Here & Follow Her Here!


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