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So this is a little late but no less lovely. I hope.

1) The world of passementerie has a jewel in its crown, that jewel being the excellent Jessica Light. If you want to add a bit of jazz to a sitting room curtain, you look to JL - she has tie backs - tiebacks, something I never thought would make my heart thumb, but these - they make me giddy. Along with those she has braids, key tassels & rosettes, get ready to be excited. Thelma Tieback, £56, from @jessica_light_

2) I've been told off once this week for getting too Christmassy, morally I agree, but as a small business owner, I am in it to win it. Anyway, Gabby Deeming sent these to me knowing that they would fit right into the round-up. Svenskt Tenn just nail it, and that is enough said. Bauble Fruits of Eden, 22 euros,

3) Studio Dunn, American Made and oh so fabulous. I would give a fair bit of my right arm for something as natty as their Linen Table Lamp to make its home in my flat, Starting $790, Linen Table Lamp. @studiodunn

4) Adam & Hannah run Sauce London, they have managed to curate a chic but fun range of mid-century furniture, keeping the look varied and interesting. Every piece on their website seems to stand alone and could be a delightful addition to many peoples homes whether they think they like midcentury or not. What caught my eye was this pair of 'Weathered French Armchairs', £560 for the pair. @sauce.ldn

5) Milagros - glasses, basket & mirrors - they have it all, and I haven't even gotten to the best bit - their tiles. They have a tile to suit any bathroom, kitchen or perhaps and imaginative bedroom. If you don't have a project in mind how about switching up your splashback or making one. Tiles start at £0.75, from @milagros_london

6) I have spoken about my love for the mobile many a time, and although I'm in fear of becoming boring, I couldn't let this go by without a mention. Here we have 'Silent Night Brass Mobile' brass with moons and stars what more could you ask for, 18.95 euros, from Anna & Nina.

7) Kirsten Hecktermann if you don't know this name, I make apologies as suddenly any cushion you may have will now seem inferior. Kirsten is known for her hand-dyed cushions, and when I say they are a sight to behold, I am not exaggerating. They offer a certain romance that would have thought it impossible for a cushion to capture. Just have a look. Anyway, I am not here to talk about the cushions; I want to point you in the direction of her marvellous lampshade. I think they are ace. They hand-painted on linen, I would go for the vertical stripe, but you can have it horizontal if you so wish. £75, LINEN STRIPE DRUM LAMPSHADES, from @kirstenhecktermann

p.s. Kristen runs The Hand Sale which starts next week - 27th - 30th September at the St Marys Abbott's Centre. Well worth a trip.

8) I think as I get older, I can see my excitement for metalwork evolving. To be fair these hooks I believe would have also excited a younger me - how could they not, hanging you coat off an elephants trunk that's a huge thumbs up from my ten year old self & my thirty one year old self. They start £22 per hook, @pinxtonco

9) Many a rainy day, I have walked past the Jam Jar Flowers headquarters, and the beauty of their shop window has lifted my spirit. Now their Jam Jar Edit does the same thing, filled with original and exciting pieces for your home and as we are getting close to that time, perfect for Christmas. I was particularly taken with Rachel Dein's plater cast of flowers, 'Early Spring', £125, @jamjar_flowers

10) Sometimes it can be quite tough, fashion brands moving into interiors, other times it can be like Toast - they curate such an impressive roster of makers as well as designing products which are thoughtful and well made. It was a delight to look through their homeware, one thing I did want to draw your attention to was one of their makers, Geoffrey Fisher. 'Geoffrey Fisher collects and cuts wood from nearby forests and local woodlands, utilising any waste wood where possible, making each piece sustainable.' I am a big fan and hope you will be too - 'GEOFFREY FISHER POTTING SHED DUSTPAN AND BRUSH', £45, from @toast.

11) Two things I promised to put up, fruit fairy lights & paper bulb lighting from eBay. Both tacky as hell but I love them.


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