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When I started to do this, I thought this would be something that I do religiously. Second week and I miss one. So maybe a better title will be biweekly round-up.

I can write this as I sit in the second week of the shop at a very slow moment. I am now pretending that Pentreath & Hall is my office, a brilliant office.

1) We are going to start with this marvellous new bathroom brand. I have followed their Instagram with keen eyes and have been waiting with bated breath for them to launch their site. Now the time has come, and they haven't only launched a website, they have launched a fantastic site! Here it is - WATER & WOOD - you are welcome. Even if you're not doing anything with your bathroom, you will want to have a look. @waterandwooduk

2) No doubt everyone has heard of Plain English & Rita Konig but what a joy to see two forces such as these come together. The colours for the No.3 Colour Collection are terrific & no doubt will set off waves of inspiration among the interiors crowd and those lucky enough to be able to enjoy a Plain English Kitchen.

3) Another brand I have been stalking on Instagram and was keen to see them being brought to life by a beautiful website is that of GOODS IN is set up by Elle. Elle has a host of beautiful mid-century furniture. I am particularly keen on this set of Belgian Mid Century pub chairs four for £380 is a humdinger of a price. @goodsinfurniture

4) A favourite of mine is Dudley Waltzer, filled with antique and vintage furniture - I once lost out on an Art Nouveau desk through not looking at their website enough, never again. I have fallen for this set of bamboo dining chairs, another winner at £300. @dudleywaltzer

5) Sumano, a brand which I believe Dudley Waltzer introduced me to. Sumano is revisiting the techniques of the past, keeping the process alive, 'Early primitive ceramic techniques in this region date back to 6000 BC, and the pottery of the Rif still bears a close resemblance to its origins: neither the techniques nor the patterns have changed much since the Bronze Age'.

6) Chair Boy London, no not a new superhero - but instead a bright new online antiques company (well new to me). Lots of marvellous chairs (surprise) & other interiors pieces. I love this bench, but be quick they are clearing selling out fast. @chairboy_london

7) I sometimes hate sponsored posts on Instagram, they usually lure me in with the promises of fantastic dresses, and I end up with something that resembles a polyester tea towel. This time though I had the good fortune to have Eesome pushed into my scrolling path. I was very excited to see the shapes and materials that Eesome has so cleverly curated. @eesomeshop

8) Everything is looking V chic on this list, so just for fun, I have to add in a bit of Tat to make things a little obnoxious. Here we have a pair of lamps by Hannelore Dreutler for Studio Åhus, the 1980s. Those shades are wholly extraordinary, and I am quite in love, they remind me of some shorts I have in the 90s.

9) Now for two dreams, one in the form of Tat favourite 8 Holland Street & the other in the shape of Ali Hewson. If anyone has seen this months World of Interiors, you will have seen a piece with Ali Hewson. She is a very talented ceramicist, not only with the form but also with colour. You can buy some of her excellent pieces through our (making it sound like there is just more than me at Tat) heartthrob 8 Holland Street. @8hollandstreet @ali.hewson

10) Now this isn't interiors, but I think her Instagram and her work is excellent I have to add them to my list -Maryam Keyhani. I don't know if I will ever have an opportunity to wear something as majestic as this but god it would be wonderful if I did. @maryamkeyhani

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