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I was feeling a little mopey today, if you were too I suggest a listen to this song & a watch of this video. Onwards!


1) Start with these rounded edges by Alfredo Lopez, who is the maker and designer behind the furniture brand OWL. He has designed a range of really terrific pieces, I fell instantly for the Lounge Chair, but my life could do with a Ping Pong Table as well. Email Owl directly for more information.


2) Although chic as it is, I am all for plain and simple. But I thought that this lamp also acted as rather an unusual canvas. I thought the base would look great with a few painted stripes, or ignore entirely and just be excited that its a lamp and a lampshade for £119, from Zara Home.


3) This next one is rather cutting off my nose despite my face, I sell a lot of these, but I think light should shine on Jane Knapp. She has a fantastic range of lighting, not only these pieces but many more. But I love these desk shell candlesticks, perfect for late-night work and if you want to pretend you are putting on a play. Brass Shell Desk light, £118


4) Kieren Chant, the furniture maker behind the delightful Jelks England. With his love for the English style and family's history in the furniture business ( a direct descendant of the Jelks family who owned and operated W. Jelks & Sons), there is no wonder he has managed to create such a marvellous range of furniture. The cabinet is my favourite, starting from £1,595.


5) Zardi & Zardi are having a sale, and as a person who is keen on a tapestry or two, I feel it is my duty to send you their way, from £150.


6) There is so much to love about the German brand Schneid. One of those things is their focus on sustainability, 'We believe designing entails responsibility. The thoughtfully considered choice of materials for an object is one of the most essential tasks in the process of designing.' The other is that they make exciting pieces. I particularly love Onda is a modular shelving system, 499 euros.


7) I went into the Conran Shop the other day, trying to kill some time before a meeting. I ended up being 15 minutes late; there were just too many ace things in there. These placemats for one 'Handcrafted using seagrass by talented artisans in Vietnam using traditional weaving techniques specific to that region' to boot they have a real selection for jazzy designs, £10.


8) My former boss, now dear friend, Gabby Deeming, sent me this next company knowing they would be up my street and boy was she right. International Wardrobe sells antique and new, textiles, clothing & ceramics 'The aim is to give traditional and ethnic home textiles a prospering platform.' This Romanian bowl and lid is quite the most charming thing I have seen, 85 euros.


9) One of the questions I get asked all the time is where to buy fabric. I sometimes suggest trying your luck down the Goldhawk Road, but for those of you who are a little further afield, I would point you in the direction of Merchant & Mills, good quality, lovely designs and won't break the bank, all-round winner, ABC Cloth, £23 per metre, from Merchant & Mills.


10) The last spot goes to favourite high street honey, Habitat. They always have a few pieces that grab my attention, but when doing the cursory look around for this list I came across Habitats new collection - it was a humdinger, not one but three things I loved were nestled int there.


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