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I hope I made it clear in my last Cafe Culture that these places I will visit aren't necessarily cafes. They are, in fact, places where one can get a bite to eat and admire the surroundings. Glad we have got that out of the way before Ida get inundated with demands for oat milk cappuccinos. Anyway, that's me rather unceremoniously announcing this weeks Cafe Culture, Queens Parks favourite Italian, Ida.

I have spent many happy occasions in Ida. It has been the host to friend's birthdays, engagement announcements, & just good old fashion white wine drinking and eating pasta. It's perfect for that. But while these things have been going on I have always greatly admired the surroundings. Cafe Culture has finally allowed me to capture the place that has been the perfect backdrop for so many jolly moments.


When did Ida open?

We opened in 2007

What is your favourite thing on the menu?

My favourite thing on the menu is the spinach and broad bean dip from Puglia called Molinata.

What makes Ida so special?

It’s difficult for me to say what makes Ida special, but I think it’s a fact we are a family-run neighbourhood restaurant, and very old school in our cooking but quite modern and Bohemian in our feel.

Why Queens Park?

We chose Queens Park, specifically the Queen's Park estate because we have lived here since 1996. We knew the area well and took a punt on Kilburn Lane, which at that point was quite grim and unloved. We were drawn, also, to the building, which was an old corner shop, Grade 2 listed, but painted purple and abandoned after an unsuccessful stint as a kebab shop.


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