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The Charity TP Caring Spaces Country Sitting Rooms
Bridlepath a 'perfect destination for patients needing respite from their treatment. The brief was to create a joyful and comfortable space for them to relax with friends and family.'

The Charity TP Caring Spaces Changing Rooms and Lives


Most will agree that the spaces we live in can affect our lives, our mental health and our feelings of worth. It’s one of the reasons so many seek to improve their homes, to make us feel happy and safe in the space we live.

The interiors world is filled with marvellously designed spaces, often in homes nestled in picturesque country cottages, interesting townhouses and unique city flats, yet there’s a brilliant charity doing the same work but with charity and community spaces in need of serious TLC.

TP Caring Spaces was founded amid the Coronavirus pandemic and is a charity focused on redesigning charity-run spaces to change the lives of those who use them.

Directors of Turner Pocock Sitting In Project
Bunny & Emma with Michael Angus (left), director of Barons Court project with Guan Chow, one of the very talented homeless artists who uses the Barons Court project. Some of Guan's artwork can be seen above the sofa.

It was founded by interior designers Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock of Turner Pocock, who, in 2020, found themselves searching for ways their business could support front-line workers and patients during the pandemic. Reaching out to Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital, they were asked to redesign a room in the Gynaecological ward. This sparked an idea that other charities, too would need rooms designed in similar ways for multiple different reasons.

The charity has since worked with many charities, transforming relaxation and recuperation spaces, which are so often overlooked.

“Overtime we hope to provide this service to numerous diverse charities, from a homeless shelter to a community centre and cancer rehabilitation retreat,” Emma Pocock said of the charity.

TP Caring Spaces has recently completed work on a homeless centre, Barons Court Project. The homeless centre’s work provides help to people experiencing homelessness, those on low incomes or those with difficulties with their mental health who are on the verge of becoming homeless.

TP Caring Spaces were tasked with the redesigning of two rooms for those who used the centre to relax, socialise and feel supported and valued in the space.

Interior Designer, Issy Leeming from TP Caring Spaces spoke of the homeless centre, adding: “No one wants to sit in a room with UV lighting and plastic chairs and be told to open up when the environment doesn’t support you in that. We want people to feel comfortable and as though they’re in a safe place.”

The space they designed has transformed the centre, and the centre said “The spaces have improved the mental well-being of all the community”

The TP Caring Spaces team work with the charities to ensure the spaces they create are both practical and beautiful while achieving everything the charity wants and needs for the space.

TP Caring Spaces Carol Concert
TP Caring Spaces Carol Concert

Having raised money previously through Half Marathons, a Christmas raffle in 2022 and being the chosen charity at Wow!house at the Design Centre earlier this year, this December, TP Caring Spaces will be hosting their first Carol Concert at St Luke’s Church in the heart of Chelsea.

The church will be filled with melodious festive music, carols and readings by some influential names in the industry, such as Nicky Haslam, Nina Campbell, Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock themselves. The concert will also feature interviews with top tips from the most prominent interior designers.

With the funds from the Carol Concert, TP Caring Spaces aims to fund the transformation of two rooms at a community centre in Shepherd’s Bush, which looks after a range of people from the elderly, young mothers and refugees.

Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock’s TP Caring Spaces is a fantastic charity and a great example of something good coming from something difficult. By creating these spaces, TP Caring Spaces are impacting so many lives in a really positive way.

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Interiors Make Over Women's Refuge

Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital  staff break room
Before -Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital staff break room

Interiors Make Over Hospital Waiting Room
After -Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital staff break room

After -Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital  staff break room
After -Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital staff break room

Barons Court Mens Refuge
Before - Barons Court Project

Interiors Make Over Barons Court Project
After - Barons Court Project



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