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Leighton House
Leighton House

Creative Courses From Winter to Spring


A 12-week course where all levels are welcome. Taught by Justin Page, who works at SkandiHus and studied Fine Art Printmaking in South Africa. Each week, you will come away with a different range of skills, such as glazing, wheel-throwing, hand-building and much more. Taking the course at your own pace to learn, but they encourage that practice is vital.

Price: £350


Do you want to throw a dinner party and need help figuring out where to start? Attend the full-day course at Daylesford Farm to learn how to serve your guest's seasonal dishes. From starters to desserts, with the main focus on simple dishes, you get to spend time with your guests.

Price: £210


Over this 12-week course, Dr Kathy McLauchlan will guide you through the 16th to 19th centuries and the connection between artists and art. You will explore the themes of power and wealth and how art impacted the environment. If you can't attend the live class, you can watch the recorded lecture when the time suits you and also for twelve weeks after the course is finished.

Price: £395


Dr. Emma Hardy explores the beauty of and connections between many artists and designers of the late 19th Century, from De Morgan Ceramics, Morris Wallpapers and Voysey Chairs. The five-day course takes place at the beautiful Leighton House every Tuesday for five weeks.

Price: £95


Throughout the spring course, the main focus will be The Grand Tour and the influence it has had on significant novels from the 19th century to the early 20th century such as, George Elliott’s Middlemarch and E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View. Speakers include Dr Adriano Aymonino, Dr Bryony Bartlett-Rawlings, Professor Viccy Coltman, Dr Michael Douglas-Scott, Dr Kate Grandjouan and Professor Roey Sweet.

Price: £195


Over this six-week course, you will understand how design was desired in status and need in 20th-century North America and that this was not just about the material world but about the appearance of manufactured goods. Professor Greg Votolato will explain this through examples of clothing, transport, and homes and how these worked during this period.

Price: £120


Discover why cultural pieces of art and artefacts have been used as weapons during wars. Over the ten online lectures, you will reflect on the Ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, and Napoleonic times, the First and Second World Wars, and many more.

Price: £395


Through live tutorials on Materials and Techniques, Opaque, Illustrations and Expressive Figures, Leo Crane will educate. Each session is recorded so that you can reflect on the learnings and not miss a thing. Throughout the course, you can ask for advice and receive individual feedback to help you further progress.

Price: £260


Sara Lee Roberts will help you thrive with your drawing skills whilst helping you explore your own and look over Masters' artworks. Throughout the four weeks, you will focus on four topics: portraits, figure groups, mythical Landscapes and Colours and patterns.

Price: £180


Throughout the six-week course, you will gradually gain handbuilding, wedging, throwing, coning, trimming, hand-building and glazing skills. Perfect for beginners and people wanting to develop their skills forever. You will leave with your incredible creations to take home.

Price: £255


Please bring your negatives and turn them into an incredible hand-printed silver gelatin photograph. Learn from teacher artist Emily Ryalls on the step-by-step to the dark room where you'll develop the techniques of chemical processes and more. Great for beginners or revisiting the process.

Price: £45


Make your very own chopping board at the Blackhorse Workshop. They will educate and introduce you to different machinery and woodworking tools: disc, bobbin sander, pillar drill and more. With this workshop, you will receive a Level 1 Induction, allowing you to book a workbench and go back in the future.

Price: £110


Chloe will guide you through a beautiful day of making a gathered silk sari lampshade. You'll explore the techniques of hand-sewing the trim, hand pleating and much more. Plus, a little lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Price: £205


You'll add three new skills to your skill set through three sessions. Monoprinting, Collograph and Lino Printing. You will use stencils, drawing skills, soft-cut lino, carving blocks, an Albion press, and more. It's a great way to begin your creative journey and to meet like-minded people.

Price: £80


Perfect for beginners, Ingrid Chen will take you step by step through completing a small caning project, such as a stool—a great skill to learn if you want to complete a set at home after the session.

Price: £350


Block Printing Lamp Shade Workshop, 27 January, 10 am - 4 pm, Yateley Papers, Studios On The Green Victoria Rd, CT14 7BA

After just one day, you will be leaving with not just one but two skills. Learning to block print your design onto parchment to create a beautiful lampshade to take home. If you already have a lamp you'd like to create a shade for, they encourage you to bring it.

Price: £135

Block Printing Lamp Shade Workshop, Yateley Papers
Block Printing Lamp Shade Workshop, Yateley Papers


At Green & Stone, you can open your mind to creativity and learn the art of monoprinting, a printmaking technique. Using the influences from artists such as Matisse and Hockney, let your imagination play. Perfect for anyone wanting to start or explore the method further.

Price: £45


Not only for the festive Christmas season, wreaths can be used throughout the year. At Daylesford Cotswolds Farm, discover how to make a beautiful wreath using natural materials such as moss, wood and willow to create your design.

Price: £145


Join James Fox and contemporary artists Annie Morris, Antonia Showering, and Sinta Tantra for a panel discussion on The Impressionist Movement compared to art today. How artificial pigments helped the artists in the impressionist movement discover new ways of using light, blending colours and much more.

Price: £15


Join Daylesford's lovely Floristy Tutor on how to create a beautiful flower arrangement. Suitable for all levels, you will handle materials of blossom, spring flowers, moss and twigs to create the arrangements you can take home and set as your centrepiece. Plus, you will be treated to a guided tour of the Cutting Garden at Daylesford.

Price: £145


If you're a beginner or someone who wants to revisit this skill, join this fun fused glass day course. Using different forms of glass such as powders, liquid glass, pieces, and different grades of frit to create your piece to take home, you can choose from vases, dishes, decorations, and much more.

Price: £80


Get a chance to look further at the artists who moulded the Modern Era and study their works and lives in detail and the surrounding environments that factored in creating their work. In the second section of this course, you will focus on the end of the First World War until the 1970s and then expand on further countries in the United States.

Price: £395


Through a ten-week course of reviewing and discussions, you will explore the art created in the last years of the Modernist Movement and cover the times between 1937 and 1979. It will include pop art, colour field painting, and abstract expressionism from artists like Hockey, Piper, Freud, Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, and many more.

Price: £395


Louisa Loakes will guide you through how to create your block print designs. From carving your linoleum block to repeating the patterns onto fabric and then linen and seeing them come together. After the session, you will leave with the knowledge of fabrics and inks and also with the sense of feeling that you want to create your designs.

Price: £145


Learn from experienced glassmakers in this one-day glassblowing workshop. Learn the step-by-step process of how your vase, glass, or piece starts its journey. You'll learn to receive glass from the boiling furnace, manipulate it, and make it your creation.

Price: £365


For those who have already completed the Master The Art's Gilding course, join them for the intensive half day to review your skills. You will learn how to replace and gild missing sections and take moulds and casts.

Price: £120


Are you bored of plain-coloured scarves? Why not design your silk scarf? Choose the shape and begin to learn how to block-print onto silk. The process takes time and patience, but the result will leave you feeling and looking beautiful.

Price: £135


Edmund Davies will mentor you through this process in a relaxed and focused ten-week pottery session. You will leave knowing the pottery skills such as wheel throwing, hand-building pottery and a couple of your creations.

Price: £275


Join Sarah Campbell, a textile designer, on an intensive weekend of learning to repeat patterns, structures, colour, and repetition step by step. You will create your own work on paper, with Sarah there to guide you.

Price: £540


A one-day course on block printing with Speronella Marsh, yes, please. You will learn how to hand-carve blocks and print on materials throughout the day. Master The Art will then create a cushion and return it to you.

Price: £160


Join seamstress Mary Bullock in this one-day course on cushion making. With a class of only four people, you only need to bring the fabric you choose and will leave the day with a great skill set and a 20'' feather-filled cushion. Plus tea and lunch will be provided.

Price: £130


Have a piece of furniture you've wanted to upholster for ages? 'Bring your own project' at the Shoreditch Design Rooms is essential. An intensive four-day course to learn the skill of upholstery is excellent for beginners or for someone who is looking to get some guidance on their skill set.

Price: £600



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