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I thought it would be excellent for Tat to dip its toe into fashion pool with a round-up of great vintage clothing shops. Who better to do this than Miranda Porter founder of Lines London.



One of my first Instagram finds and loves, Vintage Caf is based in Melbourne and has the same love for the 1930s and 40s as I. She has some stunning pieces, perfect for vintage-loving brides, one of my favourites is a stunning sheer pink organza dress. As well as a treasure trove of liquid silks and chiffons, there is also a lovely collection of vintage and vintage-inspired hair accessories and headpieces waiting for you.


A vintage and retro lovers delight in the heart of Siena, rails packed with gems and Instagram that gives you just enough of the Italian life to warm the heart, without making it boil over in a fit of jealousy. Unlike many other vintage fans, they don't take themselves too seriously, but always seem to deliver. The store is open for walk-ins six days a week, and along with an archive (heaven!) by appointment.


From the brilliant mix of eras to the continually consistent shots and styling, there is a lot to love in Spoon Vintage, known as Spoon of Magic on Etsy. "Rare Antique & Vintage clothing handpicked with love | From France", brings together incredible pieces from the 60s, see this tangerine Lanvin cape, delicate 20s silks and Edwardian slips, along with the essential Parisian flair



Number one for all brides looking for something that doesn't resemble a metallic meringue or has (wisely) decided against almost there/ almost not transparent panel dresses; Jane Bourvis is a one-stop-shop. Filled to the rafters with the most delicate of lace, chiffons and tulles, it can feel a little overwhelming by just sheer number of beauties. Still, if you find yourself in Portobello on a Friday / Saturday, it's well worth a visit, even if only to marvel.


I haven't met Lucinda, but I've been following her for a while, and she seems to embody the very nature of Portobello. Wry, warm, a real fan of beautiful vintage, and hates Brexit - what's not to love? She is one of the originals (hunt her out on Fridays - the best day for the market) or make an appointment to visit the studio to see her wealth of beautiful pieces.


The excellent Nobel daughters, now with the new site, has got a great mix of pieces and prices. A brilliantly curated selection of fantastic vintage and fun retro, with a great eye, without the eye-watering prices, which often gets attached to vintage fashion.


One of the most exciting days of my life was when, in my first job working for Livia Firth and the Green Carpet Challenge, I got to be dressed by William Vintage for an event. An afternoon spent trying on some of *the* most beautiful pieces. Dressing the stars with the most incredible pieces, this is the height of vintage love. You can make an appointment at the Marleybone studio if you're in the market for 1980s Yves San Laurent Safari, 2000s Tom Ford and 1950s Dior and their ensuing pricetags. Proclaiming itself to be "the finest vintage fashion in the world", I can't imagine WV is far off.


What I love most about A-Moderne is the focus. Unlike other sellers, A-Moderne is fixed on the delicate Edwardian and Victorian pieces; less Marlyn Monroe, more of Merchant Ivory. These exquisite shirts, tops and corsets, made of the thinnest of cotton, lace and tulle, are so beautiful, and though on the more expensive side for tops, these pieces of history are worth it.


This is a great place if you, like me, love 70s dress. Featuring an array of prairie, gipsy and hippy dresses in a rainbow of colours and prints; this store is full of bold but easy pieces. Perfect for summers to come, or tomorrow night with tights and boots.


Last, but by no means least, is the excellent Retold. Based in London, this is an excellent option for people who want to have a stylish, curated wardrobe, off the fast-fashion treadmill. Clare Lewis's styling and simple aesthetic brings each piece to life, without a mothball insight.


Big thank you to Miranda, to follow her online vintage shop go to


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