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Oliver Griffith, Graeme Abbott and Edward Bullock Photographed by Jasper Fry

Tat Meets 70 De Beauvoir

9th June 2023

Photography by Jasper Fry

Not so long ago, I spent a terrific afternoon at the Towpath Cafe at the invitation of Graeme Abbott. Graeme is a dealer, he started his career at Retrouvius, and in 2018 he set up Ancien et Jolie. We spent lunch talking about the trials, tribulations and joys of working in the industry and of course, discussing other dealers. That, for me, is the most perfect way to spend a lunch. Afterwards, Graeme showed me his new gallery. I had assumed that it would be like my studio, come gallery, come packing room, come storage. But I was wrong. Graeme has joined up with Oliver Griffith and Edward Bullock behind Studio 125 and created 70 De Beauvoir. 70 De Beauvoir is filled with both Ancien et Jolie and Studio 125's exceptional finds; masterfully curated, it would make one want to take the whole lot on sight. Together they have created another hot spot on the East London map of young creative dealers to visit.

Ancien et Jolie

Studio 125


70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry

What made you start Ancien Et Jolie?

I started dealing by accident in 2018. Having worked for Retrouvius for the previous four years. Then wanting to do something completely different, I got into cooking street food. But I simply could not stop these recurring dreams about finding rare and beautiful chairs!

So I ended up messaging a dealer friend about the markets in France. The very next week, we were heading over in a van with a pocket full of euros. Et voila..

What made you bring Ancien Et Jolie and Studio 125 together under one roof?

The modern day version of antique dealing is mostly done online. Websites, auctions, email.. But there’s still no better way than discovering pieces in real life.

Our monthly sourcing trips around Europe allow us to experience everything first hand.

The best finds will often make us go.. ‘Wow’. We also want the clients and designers to have this ‘Wow’ feeling upon entering 70 De Beauvoir.

How would you describe your two aesthetics? How do they complement one another?

Studio 125 - Our aesthetic has a strong focus on material, texture & design.

Ancien et Jolie - I like pieces that sing to me. My look has a modernist influence with a dose of neoclassical mixed in.

What do you specialise in, and the same for Studio 125?

Studio 125- We specialise in 18th - 20th C. Spanish, Portuguese & Japanese vernacular furniture, paired with early 20th C. European Design. We also produce one off pieces, using antique continental/Japanese elements.

Ancien et Jolie - Mostly 20th Century French art and design. I do love British school ceramics and sculpture too.

Obviously, after visiting 70 De Beauvoir, what would be your best tips in the area?

Batch Baby, without fail the daily coffee mecca.

Cafe Cecilia, for lunch, if you can get a booking!

The Scolt Head, the quintessential summertime pub garden.

70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry

70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry

70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry

70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry

70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry

70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry

70 De Beauvoir by Jasper Fry


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