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I don't want to mention the war, but I don't see many of us going to the US any time soon. So I thought if we can't go to the US, I might bring a bit of American glamour to our shores. If you like me, fell in love on sight with Hotel Peter & Paul in New Orleans, you may well have been feverishly watching the slow and tantalising unveiling of the Hoteliers, ASH NYC, newest project - Ulysses. It started with a drip feed of pictures and inspiration that hooked a willing victim like me. I watched the Instagram of Will Cooper (Creative Director of Ash New York), Ash New York and Ulysses; they shared the rooms of the Maharaja of Indore, Gunter Sachs and Carla Venosta. With these morsels, I could only conclude that we were in for some well-needed excitement, style and, if we were lucky, a dollop of gaucheness. Ash New York's C.E.O. Ari S. Heckman recently said in T Magazine, 'We try to capture the awe of our own travels and deliver it back to the world, so we write these wild design narratives that pull cues from the local context, the bones of the buildings'. With the recent unveiling of the rooms, I can concur the wild narrative is alive and well, weaving itself from room to room. I know we might not be able to visit Baltimore soon, but when has that ever stopped one from enjoying design?


All the below photographs are taken from Will Cooper's Instagram & Some excellent journalism right there.



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