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Emma Grant, designer extraordinaire, her first project featured on the cover of House & Garden, and now she's produced a collection of sublime fabrics. The designs are British 18th-century design drawings for textiles and wall coverings from the V&A's archives. When she mentioned this a year ago, I knew I would love it, and I wasn't wrong.

They are sophisticated without being uptight and a true delight for the peepers.


Last Man Standing - if you haven't listened to this, I feel you should. It is an incredible podcast by The Times. It made me thankful for the bravery of journalists. I am still in awe of Anthony Lloyd.

'In 2012, British photojournalist John Cantlie was kidnapped in Syria by Islamic State. While his fellow hostages were released or murdered, he remained captive. Then, a series of Isis propaganda videos emerged, fronted by Cantlie. He hasn't been seen since. In this 8-part series, The Times' war correspondent Anthony Loyd investigates the life - and fate - of the missing hostage.'


L'Hood -'Foldaway hats you can wear on your wrist come rain or shine. The stylish, hands-free alternative to an umbrella. Made for a lifetime of wear.'

I was introduced to L'Hood by the co-founder, Carolyn Asome. They couldn't be more up my street. From design to practicality, they tick all the boxes. As a person who has forgotten every umbrella they've ever had, these will be lifelong stylish friends.


I always feel like quite a fraud giving any fashion tips, but I thought I had to share this one. I fell deeply in love with BERNADETTE, a fashion and homeware brand run by mother and daughter duo Bernadette and Charlotte de Geyter. Their dresses fill me with hopes of parties, and their homeware cheers me up no end. Hopefully will do the same for you.


Well Hung, the title of the excellent exhibition featuring Benedict Foley's mirrors and sconces alongside a furniture and objet d'art by Jermaine Gallacher. The scene was set, and it was a treat to behold; the wood-panelled room of Jermaine's gallery/bar was the perfect backdrop for Benedict's exciting new pieces.


Not satisfied with an illustrious career in fashion, Henry Holland has already carved out an impressive reputation in interiors. His range of ceramics has been an instant hit and, thankfully, a long-lasting one. Last week saw the launch of his new lighting, which Studio Ashby's shop Sister is selling. Clearly, an excellent partnership as it looked ravishing in their studio.


North Lane Works was once The French House, which I've always admired. Now changed to NLW, their range of 'Made By' furniture I think is superb. They also have a great selection of 19th Century sofas and chairs with upholstery included in the price, which I think is tickadeeboo!


In September, I went to Florence with my family. Thankfully Gabby Deeming had been a week before and put me on to an exhibition Oscar Ghiglia which was in its final week. I felt so lucky we got to see it, as it was jaw-droppingly beautiful, the colours were extraordinary - exhibitions are one of life's great pleasures. This brings me to my final point - Milton Avery's exhibition is in its final week at the RA. If you are able to make time, do go and see it - I saw it by myself on a Tuesday morning in the summer. It gave me a real lift.


Lastly, these Mary Janes by Carel are right up my street. Being a relatively big girl, I am always wary of wearing heels. So I usually end up wearing trainers or some other tatty-looking things. These are just the sort of things I'd like to slip my ample foot into. They have varying heel heights, so those who want a bit of a boost can also partake.


Au Revoir!


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