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Adam Bray has long been one of my favourite designers. He is a regular go-to when people ask me for inspiration with their own home. Not that they have to produce a carbon-copy of his designs, but more as an illustration of how to bring ages and colours together that one may not consider natural bedfellows. This talent is notably evidenced in his collaborations with some of the top names in the industry; Papers & Paints, Vanderhurd & Plain English, all of which have been extremely sophisticated with a fantastic Bray twist. I was especially sad to leave Conde Nast before he had worked his magic on the hallway to the building, but having visited the site before lockdown I can attest that it is a fitting tribute to some of the finest magazines in the land, not to mention the impressive list of people who spin through the revolving doors. As a huge inspiration to the Tat aesthetic, I was so pleased when he agreed to the interview. I professed to him in advance that they are not the typical 'interiors' questions, but I thought knowing Adam (albeit slightly) that he might enjoy the prospect. Like with all the T-A-T, I so enjoyed reading his answers, and I hope you will too.


If you could be a fly on the wall, where would you land?

In the cellars at Chateau Lafite, can you imagine the delicious spillages you’d get to investigate?

Favourite piece of furniture?

A lacquer screen by Jean Dunand, not fussed which one, they are the epitome of Art Deco and really useful to hide the dirty laundry behind.

Favourite Day?

Driving to the beach nearly halfway through a long hot summer break in a broken-down old jeep with an old mixtape in the broken down cassette player.

Favourite Book

OOOf, so many choices, I read a lot, I love reading recipe books, short stories, thrillers and biography, when my son went off to university last year I listened to an old favourite; Donna Tart reading her wonderful novel of college life ’The Secret History’, I listened to a bit every day and finished it over Christmas, I've never really done audiobooks but I love this.

Happy Place?

Heading to bed for the afternoon on a sneaky half day.

Girl Crush?

Angelica Huston;  Glamour, intelligence, beauty and apparently quite a handy dancer.

Boy Crush?

Jack Nicholson. Devilish, charming and charismatic, what’s not to love.

Do you believe in ghosts?  

Of course and good and evil spirits and djinn and all that hocus pocus stuff.

Best Tube Stop/ Line?

Bayswater, on the circle line, my first real girlfriend lived near there, alighting there always reminds of those early days of courting and excitement.

Favourite Restaurant in the world?

So difficult to answer this question particularly under the circumstances which we are all enduring so I suppose at this moment I really would like to have a dinner or lunch in a noisy busy bourgeois bistro where the food was reliable and the staff had just enough personality, maybe in Paris? like the Fontaine de Mars or Vagenende.

What would your autobiography be called?

"Ooops I did it again”

A song that can always make your tap your foot?  

Too many to list but I've been known to rock out to Tina Turner’s version of 'whole lotta love ‘ at 2 in the morning on the Westway.

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