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Last June I saw Rachel win the House & Garden 'Rising Star' award. I remember whooping so much that I garnered some looks in my direction. My whoops were not only due to my love of Rachel's work but also because of my adoration of the lady herself. I first met Rachel at an interiors supper: I was feeling a little nervous about going, it was a hot summer day, and for some reason, I was wearing polyester. The sweat that appeared on my face was quite something to behold. That and the fact that we had to introduce ourselves to the rest of the table caused my face to turn fuchsia. Thankfully I was sitting near Rachel and her great friend, the artist Fee Greening.  Two of the nicest people to come across, both making me guffaw with laughter. So from there, my fate was sealed and I have adored Rachel ever since. So you can imagine my joy when Rachel agreed to do Tete-a-Tat!


Best Moment in your career so far? 

Answering the tat nosy questionnaire - I am honoured! 

(Tat talking - I realise its a joke- but I'm taking it.)

Top Destination in the UK? 

The lockdown has me thinking of the countryside - but really, I love London the most!!

Which chocolate - milk or dark?

I want to say dark but really my favourite is the sort of cheap milk chocolate you find in Christmas gold coins!

First memory

Lying on the grass looking up at the sky.

The best decision you took 

Taking the crazy risk of renovating the east London yard we now live and work in. We started with a shoestring budget and lived on-site in a caravan...! Luckily, we lived to tell the tale! 

Do you like poetry? 

Yes - I have been known to cry while listening to Leonard Cohen.

Any good advice? Who gave it to you? 

Only dead fish go with the flow - my friend Cassie Beadle 

Boy Crush? 

My husband Nico - making me laugh since the day we met... 

Deedee (sassy pug).

Girl Crush? 

Deedee my little pug - I am yet to meet a creature or person with more sass.

Favourite Book? 

This is a hard one... In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki is endlessly inspiring so I’ll land on that.

Favourite Day? 

Thursday - urgent items have been taken care of and the weekend is a day away. 

Best Restaurant? 

Another really hard one... I love little local restaurants that reflect specific areas...  our local greasy spoon E Pellicci is a very special family run place - you can’t really people watch here - you will be pulled in! I also love a slap-up meal - and love the feeling of going into one of the old-school restaurants in central London - Wiltons for fish feels special as you walk through what feels like a secret door and eat the most delicious fish in booths. 

A song that can always make your foot tap? 

Every time I turn around I’m back in love again - L.T.D. 


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