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The pop-up shop is over, and it's back to reality. I have lots of new pieces and some that were in the shop.

But back to the business in hand, the weekly round up!

1) If you came to my pop up (I promise its relevant..) you might have noticed a few pieces of furniture one of which I was sitting on, the other my desk and the third was a table in the middle. All three came from Draycott Studio. They recently put up a pair of Venitian mirrors which I think are ace, measuring 123 cm x 66cm at £900 for the pair. @draycott_studio

2) I know we've seen a lot of scallops, and one can worry that its only a passing trend. But as this shape has been knocking around for a few hundred years, I think we can rest easy. Anywho, this Jute Scalloped Runner from Tate & Darby is rather charming, 75 x 190cm, £130. @tateanddarby

3) Another pairing similar to last week, which only goes to show 8 Holland Street has exceptional taste in stock, this time in the form of Rachael Cocker. The colours on this platter are right up my street and feel perfect for Autumn. 8 Holland Street have a selection of her beautiful work. @rachaelannacocker @8hollandstreet

4) When I came across the Shop Floor Project in my early days at House & Garden, I fell quite in love. This love has not faltered over the last four years. No surprises there, they have an exciting range of offerings. This from Ginny Sims is not different, 'Her work seems on the one hand very familiar - 18th-century tankard shapes, servants' quarter's bowls and jugs, yet the colour palette and smudgy stormy glazes feel almost Rothko-like, the combination is compelling.' @ginnysimsceramics @theshopfloor

5) One of Shopping Shoots for H&G was in brackets. You can look through a lot of quite awful brackets, in times like this I thanked God for the likes of Balineum & Emery & Cie and to be fair Anthropologie offered up some exciting silhouettes. But one of my favourite which I hadn't heard of before my research was brackets by Futagami. Be warned they aren't cheap, but I think they are marvellous. @futagami

6) I have had my eye on this piece for quite some time. I kept imagining it in my flat; sadly my flat couldn't handle that much charm so I will have to give it up to others. Antique French Painted Dresser Bookcase Original Distressed Scraped Finish C19th - £550

7) For the next piece, I can vouch for them myself; I bought absolute corker of a cupboard from them a few months ago, Bancroft Home has a terrific range of furniture. I am particularly keen on this great set of 'Folky Table & Chairs, £180', it would give even the most soulless of apartments a bit of personality. @bancroft_home

8) This next company was brought to my attention by my friend @_alice_dewey_. Kissweh, 'Our goals are: to be a contemporary source of exquisitely designed and timeless products inspired by the rich folk art of traditional Palestinian needlework motifs; and to give skilled craftswomen living in the refugee camps of Lebanon the opportunity to earn a fair living from their artisan skills.' What could be better than that? @kissweh

9) Graham & Green is a good place when you want something a little different. The world is our oyster with the internet, but I can't tell you how many times G&G had come up trumps, especially when I was searching for products for H&G. This chair isn't shockingly different, but I think it is stylish and relaxed, and not too expensive at £165. @grahamandgreen

10) Let's finish off with a bit of Tat, I have added quite a few pieces to the website, but there is still a hell of a lot to get on there. Here we have a set of three Italian Hollywood Regency gilded toleware wall sconces on a swag chain, rewired and ready for use in the UK.

P.S - If you would like to be featured in the round-up, please send me an email ( about your company or trade. I'm keen to keep expanding these lists as I hope they are little helpful on both sides.


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