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I was going to give Round-Ups in January, a miss, but then I thought why make January any more boring than it already is. Hold on to your hats, here is the first Round-Up of 2020!


1) French Loft, not a stranger to this list. They have updated their website, which makes it even easier to peruse their excellent range of antiques from varying ages. I fell for this English, early 19th Century shop dresser for £2,400, if this doesn't take your fancy (you're mad), there are plenty of other treats in stock. @frenchloft

2) Foundland, new to this list, new to me. In their about section 'If you have just discovered us, a warm welcome. Think of us as your upmarket general store, with an international goods aisle and a smutty top-shelf thrown in for good measure.' Ladies & Gents, Tat has found love. Well it may be unrequited but either way, I bought these fantastic Foodie Paper, £18 '40 pages of assorted paper table settings: use for wrapping paper, scrapbooking or to liven up a dinner table. Made in Japan'

3) Pandora Taylor, firstly she beguiled me with her terrific interior design and then she hit me with her range of products. I don't know how these people do it. I particularly loved this 'The Puddle Table', £1,395, but there are quite a few pieces I would be happy to have at Tat HQ (my flat) @pandorataylor

4) Once before my heart has lept for a shower curtain, that was from Balineum... sigh. I have learned to love again, this time in the form of Quiet Town. Their jovial shower curtains are here to lift one's spirit in these gloomy days, ARCO PHLOX, $198 @quiettownhome

5) Maude Smith, another beguiling and horrendously talented lady. Maude Smith showed off her skills for decoration when she was a Stylist at World of Interiors; then we got to see her charming house on House & Garden. Now we (me) mere thugs can capture some of that charm for themselves, with her new range of printed tiles which cost £10 each. @maude_made

6) The next thing, hmm I am not much help with but, Christopher Farr Cloth & Kit Kemp have joined forces and made a passementerie collection and boy is it lovely. The reason for me being a bit useless with this is that it is launching at Paris Deco Off, which I am not going to, so all I can tell you is that I like it. Lucky you.

7) Poppies in July another newbie to the list and me, they are producing some very pleasing cushions. Southern Europe inspires their designs, which are hand embroidered in Greece. I fell for Poppy I - Black and Pink Embroidered Cushion' 175 euros, but to be honest, every one of their pieces is a delight. @poppiesinjulyhome

8) I had a brief look at Zara Home before I made this list, I do like to add a touch of the high street even if this high street brand will soon put Tat out of business. Anywho I thought this pair of Octagon Shaped tables ticked a few boxes for me and at £89.99 I will be off to declare bankruptcy.

9) Do you ever get something in your head which is impossible to shake, well I got that with pleated lampshades. I searched and searched and came up with only hideous options. I am sure those of you who have the crafty gene can whip one up in no time, but with me whenever I put my had to something which needs a 3 yr olds level of talent, it ends up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein. So I was happy to find Le Krazy Horse, they have a dazzling array of designs. I bought the Printed Green Gingham, £19.34 @LeKrazyHorse

10) This vase, designed by British ceramicist Grace McCarthy, is a useable piece of sculpture. Made in England, the rough sweeping circle makes one feel like you can see the clay move in front of your eyes. The perfect backdrop to a single stem, Black Sculptural Ceramic Rainbow Vase, £62 from Graen. @graenstudios

Thank you, if you would like to be considered for the round-up please email me at


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