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While you sun your self on Bournemouth beach have a gander at this weeks round-up:

1) MAXHOSA AFRICA first caught my eye with their clothes. Bright, patterned shirts that I would never be able to pull off but will continually think I can. These cushions though are all sorts of exciting; excellent pattern made up of dazzlingly vivid colours - then you add a fringe, that cushion is packing one hell of a punch. MCUSHION4, £164.


2) Well, I was pretty pleased when I came across the Akojo Market website, so many things I liked. But this set of BLANTYRE STORAGE JAR by Qasa Qasa, 'Resourceful and talented artisans in Malawi have worked hard to make these statement jars. They collect empty wine bottles from local restaurants, cut them to size and hand carve exquisite mahogany wood lids to fit, each with a unique design and wood grain', I think complete madness that you can buy one for £42.85, but there it is!


3) If you've followed me for any time at all, you will know I love a stripe. The original love was the red stripe, then yellow and now green. So what better way to celebrate my progression than investing in these beauties - Green Stripe Ceramic Cup,£16, from We Are Nomads.


4) French Congolese designer, Jess Kilubu founder of KILUBUKILA 'working on a collaboration and cultural network model to bring value to crafts, traditions and modernity and to build economic resilience to our partners and beneficiaries in the DRC.' So far they have produced many terrific and intriguing pieces, but my particular favourite is the Afro Bistro in all its variations, £195.


5) A while ago I saw these beautiful pendant lights in House & Garden, I just thought they were glorious -wide, colourful and handmade. Then the other day I was looking at these awsome bags - not as wide, but just as bright, hand made and exquisitely designed. My two brain cells finally came together and realised they were from the same company A A K S, IHAYA LAMP, £255.


6) Not Just Another Store, - correct, 'The space includes over 30 emerging brands across womenswear and menswear, literature, art, homeware & interiors.' They have managed to create one of those places that everyone would have something to admire. Me, I like everything they do, but shining a light on Nuts & Woods Studio Chair & Sofa, utterly beautiful, from £685.


7) So if you did head to Bournemouth beach this week, I hope you were smart enough to bring with you an A1 beach bag filled with hand sanitiser and tape measures. If you are still in on the hunt for the perfect summer bag, look no further Ace & Prince have a range of fantastically fresh stripey tote bags that are perfect for every occasion, from £34.


8) It seems everyone apart from me has been baking away since March. I have been eating away. So at least I am doing my bit. If I had one of these Bread Cloches in my mitts, I would have opened a bakery by now, from A R T I F I C E R, from £135.


9) Sorry, this is a cop-out, but I stand by it - Akojo Market again. Credit where credit is due they have introduced me to a whole host of makers who I think are swell. This time it is Boon & Up, their cushions and throws are handwoven in Ghana using sustainable African cotton. I think they are as smart as they come, from £60.


10) I am always on the hunt for beautiful bins; I think they are such an excellent object and should not go unnoticed. Not that these are specifically bins, but the June collection from Beiige Store is entirely delightful and would make any corner a little more sophisticated, from £75.

Found them through the Instagram of Portia Sade Prince.


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