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So as you may have noticed I am the author of most (all) of this newsletter. I feel as if I should make up several different aliases to look like a professional set up.


1) If you like me have only seen Tangier through the rooms of Veere Grenney, Gavin Houghton & Umberto Pasti's homes, then we've conjured a pretty fantastic picture for ourselves. One way to bring this pretty picture closer into our lives is to look at the excellent Made In Tangier, in particular, I adore this bedspread, Cross Patch Bedspread, from AUD 265.


2) Next up Spark & Bell - a terrific lighting company! They have a crack team of great designs. Useful, good looking and not badly at the price. I want to draw your attention to the 'Arc' pendant light which I think is such a great design, £76.


3) JR Designs, talk about interior design! Jane Ormsby Gore and her team have created some of the finest interiors in the land. Although no longer around, anyone who got to go to Cafe Anglais would be able to attest to this. They've created a few pieces of furniture which you can buy directly through them. This luggage wrack is stellar, £850 + vat.


4) The illustrator, Kristina Micotti has put her considerable talents to work. She has designed many different ranges adorned with her joyful illustrations, for me the stars of the show are the blankets, there is an Octopus, a Tiger & a Snake - I can't decide which I prefer, Red Tiger Blanket at $175.


5) If you've never heard of Detena, you're are very welcome I accept flowers, chocolates and purchases from Tat in thanks. Their range of lighting has blown my socks off. Oh, you want a superbly chic ceramic number - they've got you covered. Perhaps you'd prefer a floor lamp that resembles a Calder sculpture - don't sweat it, they've nailed it. Their range of lamps start from 105 euros - done and done.


6) I know if I am as effusive for this brand as I was for the last, you may think me a sycophantic fool. But here goes nothing. Charlotte Mcleish has designed, made and painted this range of merry pots and vases. The Sealife collection has stolen my heart, I can't tell you which one I would have, but I can tell you they start from £190.


7) WOW! (I promise I will get another person to do the next round-up) This chair by Worn is completely heart-thuddingly awsome. I stand by hideous prose. It has a console to match, and it has been filed in a folder on my desktop for my 'One Day Home.' The Tissé Dining Chair in Stripe, $690


8) I've said it before, and I will say it again Couverture, and The Garbstore has some of the best buyers around. There were so many things I wanted when I looked at their website. But as there is a chill in the air, I opted for a quilt, this superb winter warmer is called Bowtie Quilt Blue, £695.


9) Mantel is a new venture set up by Sadie Perry. She has created an extraordinary selection of objet d'art, making her website a well and truly interesting place to have a browse. The piece in particular that caught my eye is this 1960s Hankerchief Lamp, £60.


10) Let's end on a couple of dreamboats - Common Room, designers of some of my favourite wallpapers & Fee Greening the exceptional artist, have joined forces to bring us a selection of whimsical and joyous wallpapers. Don't take my word for it; you have to gawp at it for yourselves, £140 per 10-metre roll.



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