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Another week, another weekly round up!

1) I have to start with Cart House, they are regulars to this list, but there's a good reason for that - they are great. This week I bought an armchair & chaise lounge from them. To say I was happy with my purchase is just not good enough. I was ecstatic. I keep on going back into my sitting room just to check on them, I can report back they are settling in just fine. As soon as I go on their website again, there is another thing I want - this time it takes the form of this exquisite Ethiopian Hand Carved Chair, £460. @cart_house

2) Cave Interiors is not only one of House & Garden's Top 100 interiors designers, but it is also the home of these excellent eiderdowns. The equally excellent Anouska Cave produces them, 'All eiderdowns are one-offs and fabrics are carefully sourced and handmade in England'. Whats, not to love about that. Eiderdowns start £380 @cave_interiors

3) I was walking along Kensington High Street the other day, and Zara Home's window stopped me in my tracks. This is not a regular occurrence. I think Zara Home is sometimes guilty of adding a little too much sparkle to their homeware, but they are a billion-dollar company, and I am Tat. Either way, their window design was sophisticated and well presented, in particular, they had a very stylish tablecloth - I went in to check if this was just a one-off, not a bit of it. There was plenty I would have been more than happy to take away with me. from £19,99 @zarahome

4) You probably know about Susie Atkinson, she is one of the top interior designers in the country, having designed such well-known places like Beaverbrook Hotel, Babington House & Dean Street Town House. What you may not know is that she sells the delightful Scandi Candles 'All of the candles in this collection have been moulded by hand in Copenhagen since 1950. Jens Andreas Dahl Hansen designed the moulds for a beautifully sculptured and minimalistic candle with the ability to standalone.'£25, @susie_atkinson

5) I met first met Petra Palumbo when we are about 16 years old, only a few years (15 to be precise) on she is the purveyor of beautiful goods. Her hand-painted carafes were the first pieces that piqued my interest, but here we have her delft tiles, ' Each hand-painted tile is a little nostalgic memory, our modern take on the traditional blue and white Delft. We have a vast range on the PP website and keep adding to it as we make more memories', Sudoku Delft Tile £34, from @petra_palumbo

6) Jupe by Jackie was established in 2010 by Dutch fashion designer Jackie Villevoy. Thankfully Jackie didn't only concentrate on fashion, she leant her elegant eye to the interiors world, so it's no surprise that her cushions & blankets look good enough to wear. Patay Cushion, 200 euros from @jupebyjackie

7) Next up, big all-round shout out to Mara Vera Textiles - sustainable, punchy and well priced. They have scarves, cushions and table linen, all of which are made between their partners in Rajasthan & Gujarat 'We measure our success in the number of artisans we can support.

We invest 5% of proceeds from every sale in the development of the local artisan communities.' So pleased to have found out about this delight of a company, Verandah Napkin, £14, @maraveratribe

8) If you haven't heard of Marin Montagut I fear you like me will become slightly obsessed. His Instagram for one, it shows his seemingly idyllic life which is split between Paris & Normandy; picking flowers, scooting around Paris & painting. When I say painting I should be more explicit, he is designing. He has created a catalogue of absolutely splendid homeware. Here we have the CARAFE PINCEAUX, 78 euros from Marin Montagut.

9) Pentreath & Hall, Tat favourites. I imagine that the P&H showroom is gearing up for the Christmas rush like nobody's business. This lampshade thought is not just for Christmas, its a lifer. Lampshade Malachite, £165, from @pentreathandhall

10) Folka, I have been following them for a while. I think stupidly that I knew what they did, but on closer inspection, I was an absolute ninny and had no idea of how great their buying is. I could have had one of everything; I particularly love this Sugar & Cream set, fun, well designed & different, £32. @_folka_

Finishing off with a few eBay finds -


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