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I completely forgot to do a round-up last week, I knew something was niggling at me, but I couldn't think what it was. Anyway, this, one would assume would be doubly as good. I can't speak for the writing, but I can say I think the products I have chosen are ace - no surprises there.

1) Let's start with a heartthrob of the furniture world, Stride & Co. I caught on to Stride & Co through the beautiful photography of their pieces. Still & with perfect colouring. We now look to their newest pieces 'Bedside the Point', this plinth shaped bedside table is, without doubt, one of the favourite pieces I have seen of late. @stride_and_company

2) Next off, we go to Peckham, where Kate Owen is 'drawing on early American folk traditions' to design and make quilts and cushions. Whether on a wall, bed or chair, these pieces are stand out.

3) Nadine Anderson, a basket maker & a teacher of pilates. A lady who is doing life right. Her baskets are designed and made by her, she works with 'willow grown in Somerset and Cambridgeshire and freshwater rush that she harvests with her family in waterways around Ely.' Her pieces range from £30- £95, all I can advise is buy, buy, buy. That Tote is mine. @elybasketmaker

4) F.Ken's Antiques & Vintage, is an emporium of the odd and the practical. The collection of items on their Instagram is a real delight. My head was turned instantly by this lamp. I think it is beyond cool, a practical piece of sculpture, £125. If you don't buy it, I will. @fkenantiques

5) Casa de Folklore was founded by textile Designer Alice Munteanu, who was born & raised in Romania and keen to help the old Romanian traditions of craftmanship stay alive. The bowls and mugs that Casa de Folklore are so charming, each a little different from the next. Half-Stripe Cream Clay Bowl, £15 @casadefolklore

6) Sophie Warburton runs Host London, while also being the Style Director of The Telegraph. It's good to have people who make you feel lazy. If it's not enough, she has just collaborated with the divine Ottoline and come out with some terrific tableware. Prices from £12.95. While you are there do look at the Host Finds, great for Christmas.

7) I thought it would be good to preach what I practise; I have just bought this mobile to go in our hallway. I love a mobile; I think they add a fantastic bit of spice to a space that is usually reserved for pendant lights. Also, another nice thing is that any old dweeb can put them up. Very exciting about hanging mine. I brought mine from Urban Coo, CircleSquare Guggenheim Mobile, £100, designed of course by the awesome Flenstead.

8) On that note, I am going to add another item from my home. I have been asked so many time where to get a good sofa from. It will probably sound bias, but I think the Arlo & Jacob + House & Garden collaboration is excellent. Designed by Gabby Deeming, Creative Director of Interiors at H&G, it brings the chic H&G look to the high street. I have put my money where my mouth is, and I am now the proud owner of the Morse sofa, but I can't deny, the Poirot has turned my head. 100% my type on paper, Poirot Small Sofa, £1,060, from Arlo & Jacob.

9) When Zara Home started, I thought it was all quite glitzy, couple of sequined cushions here a few brass terrariums there. But I went on their site and was pleasantly surprised, and I have to say I screenshot quite a few things. This simple stall caught my eye, I think it is a bit of a winner and for £30 that ain't too shabby, Three-legged wooden stool, £29.99, from Zara Home.

10) Finish off with a couple of things I have been watching on eBay -


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