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This weeks round-up is concentrating on things to cheer your home up; a loved one or yourself. I keep thinking I have become used to this new way of life, then a day later, I am effing and blinding about everything. Perhaps you are like me, or maybe you are a little more zen. Either way, this could cheer you up, or you could think oh just 'f**k off'.


1) One of my favourite designers, Gavin Houghton, has started an online shop. Pieces made by him and pieces he has cleverly sourced. I have already bought a plate, I wasn't going to let those babies slip through my fingers. Octagonal blue and white Chinese inspired plate made by Gavin Houghton.

2) Sophie Conran's online emporium is just delicious. It has so many bright delights. The website alone will cheer you up. I particularly like this triptych mirror. As a big fan of blue glass & looking at myself, this is an absolute winner, Coco Dressing Table Mirror, £125

3) If you've seen this month's House & Garden, you will have clapped eye on the stripey delight that was Gabby Deeming & Ruth Sleightholmes decoration story. Packed with so much flavour. I, like most, am a big fan of stripes. So there is no surprise that these towels from Dusen Dusen got me a bit hot under the collar, Set of Stripe Towels £112.00

4) I love Host Home; I think Sophie has a brilliant eye for cheerful & unique pieces. Host is packed full of them. My current crush is this Rattan Effect Vase, a real charmer from £20

5) I heard that sales of cards have gone up something ridiculous, like 300%, which is lovely. I am a horror at writing 'Thank you' letters. It's one thing I am pretty embarrassed about. But hopefully, with cards like this from Japan Stationery it might kick me into gear, £1.95. p.s They also have a card shaped like a whale which measures 31cm. Yes Please.

6) Soho Home is always worth a peek. When I popped on their page, I was instantly drawn to this set of four scalloped bowls. Very pretty and would brighten up any breakfast table, Scalloped Soup/Cereal Bowl, Decorated, Set of Four, £48

7) I did some Independent Business Shout Outs (catchy title) on my Instagram recently, people came forward rather than me picking them. So I was introduced to a load of terrific companies, The Vintage List being one. If you like me have taken to the bottle, then why not buy yourself a sublime set of these glasses to make you feel like a sophisticated drinker rather than a common or garden one. Stars: A Set Of Six Crystal Wine Glasses, £75

8) Anthropologie Home department is always cheerful. They have teamed up with Clare V to make a great selection of homeware, and I particularly love their towels & this glass set, Clare V. for Anthropologie Striped Glass Carafe, £48

9) Cheering and giving back, 'Proudly supporting the NHS, Kurt Geiger collaborates with ES Magazine to create the exclusive WE ARE ONE canvas tote bag. Featuring artwork created by Anthony Burrill. Free standard delivery is included with this product, and 100% of profits will go to NHS Charities Together'. I just bought mine; I will be proudly wearing it on my one outing per day. WE ARE ONE TOTE BAG, £20

10) We start & we end with two dreamy designers. This time it is in the shape Beata Heuman, she has a fantastic range of products to get your teeth into, but my favourite is this whimsical tray ' Asteria's Folly Tray', £55. I think now more than ever we need a bit of fantasy injected into our lives.

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Unknown member
Apr 17, 2020

A very up to the minute collection and particularly love Gavin Haughton's new collection . Thank you .

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