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1) We have to start the list off with something that is very close to my heart, well, in fact, the whole of my body. It is the Once Milano Quilt. As soon as there is a chill in the air, this quilt takes over my bed. I didn't think anything would make bedtime more enticing, enter Once Milano's Linen Quilts, 380 euros, @oncemilano

2) 'Maison Bengal is a social enterprise that aims to provide some of the poorest people in Bangladesh with a decent and reliable wage', enough said. But to add a Tat footnote, they have genuinely fantastic products. I have this matt in red, but I think their new black one could find a place in my home very quickly, that and one of their bags. Jute mat with a black chevron design, £72, from Maison Bengal

3) Ok, so I know we have all seen a lot of shells, they have been affixed to anything & everything. FYI, I have also benefitted off this shell fever, the first year of Tat the bestselling product was shell sconces. This piece from Ferm living is quite special, to be fair to ferm; they had a happy handful of great products. But I particularly like this Shell Pot, 79 euros, Ferm Living.

4) Rowen & Wren, boy, do they have a lot of nice stuff on their website. I mean - always pretty, well thought out and not a million bucks. I think everyone knows that I have a thing for candlesticks, candlelight and these little delights are right up my street, 'Clemence Scalloped Candlestick Holder', £7 @rowenandwren

5) Casa Cubista, a 'Happy Accident' brought to us by Arren & David, who started the company with their love of Portuguese design and they wanted to share with the world. I, for one, am delighted about this accident and love all that they have produced. You can see their portfolio of fantástico designs here,

6) Bancroft Home, what is there to say, Dan finds superb pieces and keeps them at great prices. This set of Bistro chairs is a seriously lovely addition to someones home, £480 for the set. @bancroft_home

7) I embarrassingly have spoken about this shoot before, apologies, I am a one-trick pony. The subject matter was the bracket, and it opened my eyes to the world of metalwork & the place that really got me is Mark Lewis Interiors, I especially like this Fish Hook, £18.50 @mark_lewis_i_d

8) While perusing Alex Eagle's Instagram, I noticed she had a knock out of a lampshade hanging above her dining room table. Alice Palmer makes said lampshade, and she has a seriously delightful range up for grabs on her website, £90 Alice Palmer & Co,

9) I've spoken about my love of candles once already. Still, sconces - well sconces are a different matter. This one we have here is exceptional, Agata Treasures shows off the delights that Sicily has to offer, 'Sicilian Ceramists Have A Spontaneous Taste For Beauty And Passion For The Things They Inherited From Their Ancestors.' One of the many things that caught my eye was this 'Prickly Pear Pala Candle Holder', £300, @agatatreasures

10) As always we will finish off with some finds from eBay.

1) Vintage Toleware Chandelier & Matching Wall Lights Shabby Chic Lights, if you're into Toleware, this could be the perfect addition to your home.


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