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This week I went to a school for a careers day, nothing says you're boring than when a seven-year-old yawn's in your face. By the end of this list, you may sympathise with said seven-year-old.


1) Please cover your ears if you find weddings boring (my whole family covers their ears), I have scoured the Matches website for wedding dresses. You will be relieved I am sure that I have found it. What I also found was this excellent range of cushions and throws by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi’s. They're a bit of me, from £240. @matchesfashion


2) Sarah Lavonie, no denying that the lady has talent. I particularly like this rattan floor lamp, the thick trunk with that cotton shade makes it an excellent bit of kit; in fairness, I love all of her lighting. But as I hadn't seen this one before I thought it should take front and centre, FLOOR LAMP RIVIERA - NATURAL, 990 euros.


3) Mobiles are no strangers to this list. I think they are an undervalued piece which can be such a great addition to a hallway, bedroom or sitting room. So I am always excited to find a new company making shapes in the mobile world, Tempo, Japenese in origin has turned up on the mobile market with some genuinely sophisticated and smart designs. Perspective Mobile, £130, by Tempo, from OEN.


4) Beata Heuman, one of the bright young things of the interiors world. Not only does she continually wow us with her interiors projects, but now she has launched Shoppa where you can browse and buy her excellent range of products. I'll take a Dodo Egg, A Swan Cabinet and a some of these Brass Bow handles, £45 each.


5) Next up, these have been on my wish list for quite some time, Christmas came and went without a glimpse of one of Dave Cockrofts Welsh Stick Chairs. I would have been happy with just one of his side chairs, but nothing. Either way, they are a complete delight to look at (albeit from afar). His Welsh Stick Chairs cost around £1,200, and his side chairs start at £300, 'It is possible to incorporate some of your timber into the chairs if you have had to take down or prune a large tree in your garden or on your land.' One of the best lines I have read on a website of late. @davethebodger


6) Ever since I first saw Alice Gabb's custom banners, my mind has been whirling with what sentiment I would have scribed onto it. As a girl who when she was younger wanted a set of flaming dice tattoed onto the back of her neck, I think it best that these decisions aren't left to me. But I do believe these banners are glorious, a piece of art that you can be a part of, I am all in. They start from £240. @alicegabb


7) Aube Spoke was created UK-based designer and interiors stylist Anna Unwin. And what a stellar job she has done. The inventory of tables on the site are as chic as they come, please don't do yourself the damage and look at the pieces she has sold, sigh. But fear not the parts she has in stock are divine. Two of my favourites are the 1970s glass Topped table with Lucite legs, £450 & the Vintage Metafora Luella & Massimo Vignelli for Martinelli stone and glass low table, £3,500. @aubespokestudio


8) Carry on the tres chic vibe; we come on to one of my favourites in design and antiques - Retrouvius, 'We have been working with a stonemason to develop this range of beautiful lamps made from the offcuts of marble and limestone that were destined for landfill.' All of them are a delight, but the ones that caught my eye and my heart were Geometric Turned Lamps - Green And Pink, £595.


9 ) Jermaine Oscar Gallacher - Designer / Design Dealer / Interior Design & runs Lant Street Wine Bar 'In London, a place to drink wine and buy offbeat furniture.” Here is one of those 'offbeat' pieces of furniture 'Two-sided Trompe de l'oeil hand-painted screen', £850. Just one of the many terrific pieces Jermaine has collected. @jermaineoscar


10 ) I have been talking a lot about pleated lampshades, last week it was my new green gingham one from Le Krazy Horse, which arrived this week as is A1. But if you are looking for one with less pattern this plain linen one from H&M home is an excellent buy, £24.99.


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