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Emile Wines
Emile Wines, Charlie McKay (photographer) Jess Murphy (stylist)

1st December

Wonderful Wines & Where To Drink By Rebecca Perry, Director of Emile Wines.

By Rebecca Perry, Director Of Emile Wines

At Tat, we love wine, but we couldn't tell you where to start, so we enlisted Rebecca Perry from Emile Wines to give us a helping hand on what to buy and where to drink!

Emile Wines Is a wine importer, distributor and online retailer specialising in Burgundy and championing winemakers with an organic, biodynamic & non-interventionist approach. Every bottle in the Emile portfolio has been thoughtfully chosen, and we carefully select our winemakers based on artistry, wines with a sense of place, authenticity and environmental consideration.

Burgundy - A Guide

Burgundy is a region in eastern France, famous for its wines made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and home to some of the most hallowed vineyards on earth. It can be eye-wateringly expensive - but it doesn’t need to be, and there are a number of incredible vignerons (wine growers and makers) making brilliant wines, under the radar and off the beaten path.

What makes Burgundian wines so special is that Burgundy, more than probably any other wine region in the world, is completely influenced by its terroir - an elegant French word that denotes the environment in which a vine is grown: the sun, the wind, the soil, the climate, the slope and the surrounding nature. Terroir is the wine's sense of place and the notion that when you drink a wine you are tasting the region where it was made. It is Burgundy's unique terroir that makes the wines so captivating.

Circa 200 million years ago, Burgundy was part of a huge tropical sea. Over time the seabed was transformed into the region's now famous clay-limestone soils - credited for the mineral richness found in the wines. This and the long growing season (aided by a continental climate) allow grapes to reach their apogee.

Winemaking dates back to the Romans, but it was the Catholic monks in the Middle Ages that established the individual vineyards, based on terroir nuances. They grew the grapes for the church and the aristocratic Dukes of Burgundy, but the vineyards were returned to the people following the French Revolution. As a result, there is a great attachment to the land which has, in part, inspired growth in organic and biodynamic viticulture and winemaking prevalent across the region today.

Emile’s Ultimate Party Season Wines

Every party needs something sparkling and frivolous - and nothing better fits the bill than Le Petit Beaufort. To use that delightful French word digest, this literally slips down and pairs brilliantly with a host of festive snacks.

This is a gorgeous bottle of wine that looks as good as it tastes, with a label designed by the exceptionally talented Frances Costelloe. Our house wine Chez Emile, it’s a baby Chablis (from vines just outside the official region) that is zesty and vibrant with minerally, ripe fruit. Unbelievably versatile and just perfect with pretty much everything!

Our favourite red, made from the natural wine poster boy Julien Guillot. Fresh, vibrant and full of pamplemousse (our favourite French word) and hedonistic Pinot Noir fragrance. Serve it slightly chilled and let the party vibes commence!


Best Wine Bars In London

Bar Crispin is a fabulous wine bar conveniently located a stone’s throw from Liberty. The restaurant serves small plates and has a terrace out front which is an excellent people-watching spot. Our pal Alex Price is in charge of the all-natural 150-strong wine list, which focuses on small, artisan producers. Her curation really stands out as one of the most original in London. Best of all, the place doesn’t take itself too seriously - expect laid-back, good-time vibes.


Not a bar but a brilliant pub with an exemplary wine list. The Drapers has everything you want from a London boozer: friendly, knowledgeable service, gorgeous interiors and a killer food menu. Gorgeously festive at this time of year, find yourself a cosy nook, grab a board game and a delicious bottle of red for the perfect winter's evening.


An absolute gem - Golbourne expanded their wine offering in lockdown. Next door to the deli is one of London’s finest wine shops, offering wines by the glass alongside their excellent, casual food menu. Sam Heathcote, who has over 15 years in the industry, ranging from five-star hotels, private members clubs and Michelin Star restaurants, is in charge of the wine buying and has put together a staggeringly good collection which covers all tastes and budgets.


We don’t usually go in for a hotel bar but the NoMad is one of our favourite spots for a nightcap or pre-dinner apéro. Luxurious interiors, polished service, a stellar wine list (and exceptionally good martinis). A calm, immensely comfortable oasis away from the bustle outside - a much-needed and frequented central spot.


Huge thank you to Rebecca & Emilie Wines. To Follow Them, Click Here and To Peruse Their Website, Click Here.


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