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Back with a bang - we have the Knock Knock of Mikala Brunsvig. Mikala lives in Elmegade on Nørrebro in Copenhagen with her artist husband Mark. By now you know Tat, it won't take you too long to see why I was so excited about getting this up on the site. I do hope you like it as much as I - enjoy!


We live in a small apartment on the fourth floor; the building dates back to the 1800s. The property is located in Elmegade on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. In 2021 named Emegade was named the best district in the world. To us, it is home. Our apartment is very cosy. When we have guests over, we are always keen for them to feel relaxed and comfortable. Although the decoration of the apartment is essential, it is secondary to the working of the flat. We want it to feel snug and relaxed, which means we have a lot of low lighting rather than spotlights. We also make ample use of candlelight which helps create a calming atmosphere. Since the apartment is small, one of our primary concerns when decorating is storage. This means that we use every nook and cranny for storage. Whether it's putting up shelves over our bed, doorways, and using space under our bed, there is no space left unused. Although it can feel somewhat crowded at points, we prefer it like that. It only adds to the cosy feel.

Work by Mark Brunsvig Studio

When it comes to the interiors of our home, we like the overarching theme to be - personal. Having pieces that mean something to us is very important. Trends come and go, but as long as we feel emotion towards the details, then it doesn't matter whether it is on trend or entirely off! Primarily we decorate with art and ceramics that my husband, Mark Brunsvig, has painted/decorated; he is a visual artist. As well as his pieces, we love to find art on our travels while also having a few pieces that we have inherited. I would hazard a guess that over half the furniture in our apartment is second hand, some pieces inherited, others bought from markets and vintage shops. It is hugely important to us to surround ourselves with history; the pieces we buy - have age, are well made, and the distance travelled is far less than many high street brands—sustainability is critical to us.

When decorating, we like to use a variety of materials - you will see wood, steel, wool, linen etc. More recently, I have been adding more early tones to the interior. We have also created two interior glass doors with some building materials we've found, one of which has become the door to our bedroom, which gives us a lovely view into the sitting room.

With all that being said, our home never stays the same for long. We love moving things around and changing bits and pieces. It always gives us something new to look at.


Huge thank you to Mikala, to follow her click here!


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